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SPARK a Reaction ,. READ!. Tweens • Teens • YAs. SPARK a Reaction. Ignite a Spark with Great Group Games. The Big Bang:. Pose a question and ask teens to mingle and form groups as quickly as possible, equal in size to the number of times you bang the pan. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Tweens Teens YAsREAD!

SPARK a Reaction,

SPARKa ReactionIgnite a Spark with Great Group Games

Ignite a Spark With Great Group GamesThe Big Bang:

Pose a question and ask teens to mingle and form groups as quickly as possible, equal in size to the number of times you bang the pan.Give each group a new question to discuss. Bang the pan a different number of times as teens race

to form new groups. Repeat this round of play several times. The final time, bang the pan the same number of times as there are teens to form one group.

Teens sit in two evenly divided lines facing each other. Ask team members to hold hands and close their eyes, except for one member at the start of each line. Stand a colored marker upright at the end of each line. As the leader, sit facing both starting players and flip a coin. If the coin lands heads up, then play begins.

Chain Reaction:The first player in each line squeezes the hand of the player next to them. The player at the end of the line whose hand is squeezed first, grabs the marker, signifying a win for the round and moves up to the start of the line to begin another round. If a player accidentally starts the hand squeeze when the toss is tails, the opposing team advances one player to the head of the line. The goal is to rotate all players to the head of the line and return the first player to the start of the line.Adapted from the Pan Game on page 57.

On Your Ma.rk, p. 91))

Ignite a Spark WithGreat Group GamesParallel Universes:Ask players to sit in a circle, and to start the game, say a random word or phrase (such as peanut butter). The person to his or her right then says the first word or phrase that comes to mind (ex:, jelly). Continue around the circle until all players have a chance to make a word association.

Going Deeper:How does this activity reflect the power of group brainstorming and thinking?How might this game help you think quickly on your feet?What helps you with brainstorming? Creative writing? Other artistic tasks? Hydro Float off:All from Parallel Words, p. 110

Build A Boat, p. 125Divide into teams of 6-10. Each team gets 25 minutes to construct a floatation device from the supplies theyve been given (straws and tape). Their crafts must be able to float in the tub and support the weight of the water bottle without sinking. Variations:Build a Bridge with newspaper and duct tape that is tall enough for a backpack to fit underneath and sturdy enough to hold the backpacks weight. Build a Tower using straws and paper clips to construct the tallest structure that stands on its own.Parallel Words, p. 110Build A Boat, p. 125Challenge : create new playing piecesChallenge:create a new game boardChallenge:create new mystery dates

Our brains sympathetic neurons release norepinephrine, an adrenaline like neurotransmitter. Name one symptom of this process. spurs motivational decision making. increases the rate of contraction in the heart.

SPARKa Reaction

Challenge : create new playing piecesChallenge:create a new game boardChallenge:create new mystery dates

an increase in the likelihood of physical attraction to a person of interest nearby

an increase in the rate of your heartbeat=With the Science of Mystery DateMilton Bradley, 1965

Discover the DoughnutGalaxyAn international team of scientists has found more evidence that massive black holes are surrounded by a doughnut shaped gas cloud which, depending on our line of sight, blocks the view of the black hole in the, June 20, 2004

Scientists Spot Doughnut Shaped Cloud With a Black Hole Filling:

SPARKa ReactionDoughnuts in Space

You will need:

Doughnuts: one per participant

Wooden Dowels


Moist Paper Towels

Plastic Tarp or Tablecloth

Video Cameras or IPads

Its Deep-Fried!Its Glazed! Its Doughnut Poetry!

So, its okay if theres a hole in the logic.

Doughnut Poetry is acid poetry with a hole; the exquisite corpse of word desserts,explosive, shocking in their infinite sweetness. Poetry with silly rules and a sugar rush!Have HOT fun NOWWith Doughnut Poetry Super Glowing Doughnut ChallengeIn 15 minutes, create a Group Game that meets this criteria.Uses: Teams of 8 3 doughnuts (inner tubes) 3 glow necklaces 4 finger lights 12 of masking tapeIs Played: In the dark, 3- 5 minutes longGoals: To always keep the blue doughnut on the ground to keep the pink one from touching the ground ,and to return with them in the correct order, GPB

12 of tape

Adjust team sizes, props, and goals, but always require the outcome be reliant upon color recognition and be played in the dark. Works best if inner tubes and glowing props are different colors. (The key scientific factor here is light absorption).For the maximum team building benefits, always keep the number of light sources just shy of enough to go around, that is one for each player. Suggest teams pick a time keeper and after 5 minutes, also a leader.


The Tardis

"It's called the Tardis . . . . . . it can travel anywhere in time and space . . . . . . and it's mine !" -The Eleventh Doctor Actor, Matt Smith

SPARKa ReactionBuild a TARDIS(Time and Relative Dimension in Space)

Harmless is just a word, thats why I love it! Doesnt wound, doesnt harm, doesnt maim. Ill tell you what it does do.... it is very good, at opening doors!-Doctor Who

SPARKa ReactionSonic Screwdrivers of the Doctors Eleven

Harmless is just a word, thats why I love it! Doesnt wound, doesnt harm, doesnt maim. Ill tell you what it does do.... it is very good, at opening doors!-Doctor Who

SPARKa ReactionMake a Sonic Screwdriver

Yeah, its cool, bow ties are cool.-Doctor WhoMake aDoctor Who Bow Tie

SPARKa Reaction

Make a Doctor Who Bow Tie

Small groups? Go traditional.Pattern included.

DIY Duct Tape TARDIS Bow Tie , Wallet & Bag

Begin with several rolls of royal blue, white, black, and clear duct tape, a white paint marker, some scissors, Goo Gone and a rag. Patterns aplenty available online and in books too!

RQ Code Cube &Doctor Who Challenge Cube

Inspired by a goodreads discussion group event of South African Book Lovers

Adaptto Time Travel or Other ThemesCreate an RQ Code Cube

SPARKa Reaction

Set some dates. Send the call out well in advance. Attention all DIYs! Ask a few community members involved in a STEM field to judge at the event. Ask a few businesses for their support by donating prizes. And dont forget to prepare a display space for the winners!.

SPARKa ReactionConsider aSci-Fi Craft-Off


eyewire.orgis mapping the neurons of the human brain, starting with the retina.

Particles, Patterns, Paths on PinterestRecycle those cardboard tubes

Social Science: How We Behave in Groups

Falling vs. Dropping

Fall down in a public place and see how many people come to check on you. At another time, get down in the middle of the floor and pretend you are looking for a lost contact lens or piece of jewelry.

Which situation do you think would bring more assistance. Why?

Social Science

How We Behave in Groups

Heres a fun thing to do in social groups. Make up a fairly realistic news story, and ask the others about it. For example: "Did anyone see that story about the State Representative that was in that hit and run accident this morning? 1out of 5 people will say yes. Then ask: "Did you see what state he was from?" 1 out of 5 of those people will provide an answer.

Many people will tell little white liesjust to look knowledgeable.Social Science

How We Behave in Groups

Social Science

How We Behave in Groups

Social Mapping Can you map your social world?

Playing the Greatest Game in the UniverseRound #1Charades

On pieces of scratch paper, write down a word, topic, title, idea or phrase. Each person contributes five. Fold them up and drop them in a basket, box or hat.

Select a score keeper. Divide into two teams. Each team selects a time keeper who minds the play clock while the opposing team is in play. The team with the youngest person goes first, but the oldest player goes first. Time keeper starts the clock for 30 seconds. Draw a clue from the box and