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TWEENS DREAM BIG. Anna Hartman & Barbara Sutton San Diego County Library. PROGRAM IDEAS. Nocturnal Animals. Starry Night. Library Campout. Techno Hands. Moon Science. CRAFT IDEAS. Ice Candles. Lava Lamp Craft. Pillow Case Design. Glow-in-the-Dark Goo. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



TWEENS DREAM BIGAnna Hartman & Barbara SuttonSan Diego County Library1PROGRAM IDEAS2Nocturnal Animals

An opportunity to identify & learn about animals that stay up all nightPartner with museums or parks & recreatione.g. San Diego Natural History Museums Nature to You Loan ProgramParks & Recreation can provide a program to which they can either bring animals or show animal photos.Use these partners websites for ideas, lesson plans, are of a screech owl and a tarsier3Starry Night

Develop a partnership with the local astronomy club/amateur astronomers/retired astronomers/university professors. They bring telescopes and provide guidance and information about what you are looking at in the night sky. This could be an after hours program summer skies dont darken very early or you could explore the daytime sky

4Library Campout

Camp Out in the Library - set up tents (borrow from staff/partner with sporting goods store/parks & recreation); make smores using a pizza box oven (see instructions). Build a campfire using tissue paper, fan, butcher paper (see instructions). Learn campfire songs. Create camping snacks you dont have to cook (sandwiches, carrots & peanut butter, gorp see recipe). Best done in an afternoon (suns heat is needed for pizza box oven).

5Techno Hands

Performance by hand light artist (LED light show, Raver Hands Light Show- its done in the dark to techno music). These performers are fellow tweens or young teens, so shouldnt be expensive, if they charge at all. $2 each for individual finger lights$10 on Amazon if you want to buy a few pairs for your tweens and let them try their hand at it6Moon Science

Experience how the surface of the moon was formed using corn starch, flour, and cocoa. You will also need various sized and shaped objects to represent meteors. They will crash into the moon for some interesting results. (see instructions)7CRAFT IDEAS8Ice Candles

Ice Candles are made by placing a ice around a long candle. Pour melted wax over the ice. The wax will cool over the ice leaving pockets and when the ice has melted, pour it out leaving a beautiful candle. There is wax that will melt in the microwave.9Lava Lamp Craft

10Pillow Case Design

Tweens have loved decorating t-shirts and tote bags. Now they can decorate pillow cases. Using fabric markers or paint, the tweens have the ability to design whatever they want.11Glow-in-the-Dark Goo

Just like regular goo, for those of you have made this before, but with the added glow in the dark paint.borax (from laundry aisle of a grocery store) Elmer's non-toxic blue glue gel (sold with office or school supplies) Glow-Away washable paint (sold near tempera paint at Michael's craft store) water bowls or cups spoons measuring cups 12Dream Boxes or Journal

Decorate a notebook or box with pictures chosen by the tweens. Use magazines or personal pictures and hodge podge glue to have them set onto the creations. These can then be used to store special items or inner thoughts.13Constellation Stringart

Print out various constellations before event. Have tweens select which one they would like to do. When they are ready, with an exactoknife punch holes (done by an adult/volunteer) where the stars are and then have the tweens sew to make the constellation lines. You could even use beads to mark where the stars would be. Requires both exactoknife and needles. 14PASSIVE ACTIVITES15How Many

Get a package or two of glow in the dark stars. Have tweens guess how many stars are in the container. The winner gets the stars.16Match ThisConstellations:

Ursa MinorScorpius Draco the DragonSagittarius the ArcherCreate various documents with lists of things to match:Constellations: have a dozen or more images of constellations, have a list of constellation names (include a few extra), provide reference materials nearby,

17Match ThisNocturnal Animals


Nocturnal animals: as with constellations, find images of a dozen or more nocturnal animals, mixed in with non-nocturnal animals, have tweens circle those that do not belong, provide reference materials closeby

18Keep on Dreaming BigAnna


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