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  • 1. Opportunities and Challenges of the Post-Network Era Amanda D. Lotz, PhD Associate Professor Department of Communication Studies University of Michigan

2. The End ofTV as we Know it January 7, 2000 The Death ofTelevision October 17, 2005 The End ofTV (as you know it) November 21, 2005 The End ofTelevision as We Know It March 27, 2006 3. Veronica Mars creator RobThomas raises $5 million for the production of a Veronica Mars movie through Kickstarter YouTube and Hulu offer an extensive range of television Netflix begins competing with original series House of Cards and a new season of Arrested Development Amazon commissioned 14 pilots, developing 5 to series for InstantVideo Streaming service CBSs NCAA March Madness generated 45 million steams AND had highest linear viewing in 19 years 4. Instead, it is reinventing itself The television weve known was the television possible in the analog era Digital technologies enable a post-network era 5. :15 and :30 advertisments in magazine format, sold in upfront market Just aTV set, maybe an antenna Production Studios produce for monopsony of 3 network buyers Limited Content through bottleneck of 3 networks Financing Audience Measurement Audimeters, diarie s, sampling Technology Distribution 6. Financing Same, plus subscription and experiments with alternatives to :30 ads VCR, Remote Control, Analog Cable Production Fin-Syn, surge of independents, conglomeration, c o-production, HD Distribution Cable increases possible outlets but still a bottleneck Audience Measurement People Meters, Sampling Technology 7. Production Financing Multiple Models - :30, placement, in tegration, brande d entertainment DVR,VOD, portable devices, mobile phones, Slingbox, digital cable, networked DVRs, iPads Multiple financing norms, independent funding, 3D Distribution Content anytime, anyw here. Hulu, Netflix streaming, MV PD app availability Audience Measurement People Meters, Census Measurement Technology 8. Choice ControlMulti-channel Transition Convenience Customization Community Post-Network Era Convenience (Choice, Control, Portability) Mobility Theatricality KeyTechnological Gains 9. Economics of production permanently disrupted, changes texts in various ways Labor model and norms (program yr.) in crisis Non-linear and cluttered program environment requires new strategies in promotion Skyrocketing production costs for dramas destroy independents New models in reality and cable 10. New technologies and economic models eliminate scarcity of content and create alternatives to linear experience Technological bottleneck broken DVD sell-through Content on- demand: VOD, downloadin g New distribution routes to the home 11. Multiplicity of advertising methods supports different types of content Not all advertisers have the same expectation 12. Change the way you measureAmericas cultural consumptionand you changeAmericas culture business. (JonGertner) Local People Meters Personal People Meters Linear Change Digital Technologies and Census Measurement Pay Per Action Revolutionary Change 13. They produce certain textual outcomes The norms of the network era made certain kinds of programming more likely The erosion of those norms and establishment of new ones changes the range of textual possibility And, who makes the most money 14. How will audiences who never knew network era television differ? What will continue to happen in the nexus among technology/distribution/use and how quickly? 15. Netflix Recommendation algorithm Interface HBO GO Over-the-top (OTT) anxiety MVPDVOD (Xfinity) 16. Queuing 17. Fundamental challenge to the future evolution of television is the disjuncture between an economic model built in the network era and distribution practices characteristic of post-network technological possibilities Bundling is not a post-network strategy 18. How will non-linear programming be organized? Folders Queues 19. Album Sales: Peaked in 2000 Almost exclusively downloads since 2004 20. Prized content Live sports and contests Linear viewing 21. it is at the dawn of a new age