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Turkish MarketingA few lessons learnt in Turkey Aug 2016@thibautr

Target: Provide a technical overview of Ubuntu CoreDuration: Approx 40 min + Q/A

Key marketing principlesBrandingDifferentiationSegment, target, positioningFinding your voiceStart a blogGreen is the new blackExtend your brandMeasure & improve

BrandingPicking a name for your brand carefully


The original

The classic

The Petit Beurre / Ptibr

The Ptibr (full stop)

The Etibr

The Upgrade to your Apple Watch

Because Fish ponds are so last year in parks

Segment, target, positioning(Go Broad)

Mosque, Pantys , Patisserie, Cafe, modesty...

Segment, target, positioning(interest)

A football fan is a football fan whatever team they support

Segment, target, positioning(psychology)

Segment, target, positioning(generational)

The new female consumer: make-up and drinking games

Segment, target, positioning(hobbies)

The new male consumer: chess and ...

The new male consumer: chess and drinking game

Finding your voice

The Turkish Latin pun!

Start a blog!

Yes you are oh wait I am confused!

Green is the new black

If you love your football club put your trash in their branded bins!

Brand extension

KPIsKey Performance Indicators

The guarantee of 100% clean toilets!

Only one way to reach our targets!

Thank you!



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