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Advertising Rates etc relating to The Southampton Directory


  • The Essential Advertising Choice for Local businesses.

    40,000 homes. Weve Got it Covered.

    We cant promise to attract you a mate,

    but we can attract you new customers.

    Hythe Dibden Marchwood Totton Ashurst

    Chilworth Southampton Bitterne Swaythling

    West End Hedge End Botley Curdridge

  • A5 is Their Preferred Choice. Its a handy size, fits neatly in a kitchen drawer or by the telephone. Its too good to throw away!

    Residents Connect with It. Its full of information relevant; local whats on, lists of clubs and so-cieties, community information and, of course, all the advertisers are local to them.

    A Trusted Source. By being associated with the magazine, advertisers are also perceived to be good, honest businesses to trust.

    A Regular, Friendly Face. Every two months, a new magazine arrives through their letterbox. Lots of people like the articles, enter the competitions, find out whats on, the kids do the puzzles resulting in a high retention rate compared to many other publications.

    Quality Distribution. Clearly, there are over 40,000 homes across the areas I cover so I focus on privately owned 3 bedroom + homes with own drive and/or garage. Every street has been personally vetted by me to qualify. The magazines are delivered by my team of distributors; I dont use agencies.

    Professional Design. Its easy on the eye and your advert will always look its best. Pleaser remember; your advert should sell not tell ! I offer a free advert design review to regulars so no need to use an agency!

    Its Quick & Easy to Use: Advertisers Index Display advertisers are listed under the appropriate heading in the Advertisers Index. This helpful device to find your advert is generally unique to A5 local directories. Also, being A5 there are fewer adverts per page so yours stands out on the page.

    Free Expertise. I give honest, unbiased advice about what size advert you should book, graphic design and ideas to promote your business, if you ask. I have run my own business for 10 years so understand the demands on your time, budget and resources.

    Melanie Tinson, Publisher

    AND YES, SALES ! ...

    Jim Stock, Fresh Look Kitchens

    "Many thanks Melanie, it's month one for my new kitchen business and I have a sale already with another in the pipeline. Advertising in your magazine is already more than paying for itself. I really am glad I listened to your advice."

    FOR TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE... Sean Quinn, EEC 24/7 Electrician

    "I know when the magazine is out because I see a sharp increase in the hits to my website. Its a good supply of quality enquiries for me."


    Thank you for considering The Southampton Directory as a place to advertise your business. For over three years now, the magazine has been a regular source of enquiries (and sales!) for many local businesses.

    Why Do People Use Local Directories? What Makes them So Successful?


    Since placing my adverts in The Southampton Directory, enquiries have dramatically increased. The real benefit is being putting the message out to local people in an accessible form. Thanks Melanie for an excellent publication, thoughtfully put together.

  • This A5 publication is delivered to 40,000 homes on a rotating basis to two areas; east and west. The East Edition is delivered to the east side of Southampton (20,000 homes) one month and a different magazine, the West Edition to the west side (20,000 homes) the next month. See over for 2011 Schedule.

    Want to Reach 40,000 3 bed+ homes ? Two Editions: East and West ... You Choose !

    Weve got




    RETURN ON INVESTMENT Vin, Perfect Windows (leaflets)

    "For every 1 I spend, I get 8 back !"

    Go Online: Theres So Much

    More !

    More than a Just a Magazine


    Advertisers Online Directory * Residents E-Newsletter* Advertisers E-Newsletter* Local Notice Board Regular Events for Adults Regular Events for Kids Clubs & Societys Directory Whats On Online articles Councillors News Schools, Colleges Libraries Churches .....

    * ask about advertising opportunities

  • Tel: 023 8026 6388 Fax: 0871 989 2756

    contactus@mailboxmedia.co.uk www.mailboxmedia.co.uk

    Mailbox Media Ltd 4 Firwood Close Chandlers Ford Hampshire SO53 1HN

    Print Deadlines 2011

    January West 17/12

    Feb East 14/1

    March West 11/2

    April East 11/3

    May West 12/4

    June East 20/5

    July West 17/6

    Aug East 15/7

    Sept West 19/8

    Oct East 16/9

    Nov West 14/10

    Dec East 18/11

    Going Regular WORKS . Regular advertising in a publication is the best way to get the most from your advertising budget.

    Long Term Rate:

    Min booking: 6 issues 15% discount Free graphic design and amendments Free editorial Payment by monthly standing order Automatic inclusion after issue 6 until cancellation

    Leaflets Each issue can take up to 2 leaflets. We get preferential prices from our printers so please let us quote and youll be amazed at the savings you can make. Please call to discuss the areas you wish to target in blocks of 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000.

    How to Get Started If you are new to advertising or are unsure of what size to choose, advert design, dont worry. You will get all the help you need.

    Advert Size Dimensions Artwork*

    Lineage n/a n/a

    1/16 62.5mm x 22.675mm 31.25mm x 45.353


    1/8 62.5mm x 45.353mm 5.00

    1/4 62.5mm x 92mm 12.50

    1/2 130mm x 92mm 18.00

    Page : A5 130mm x 192mm 25.00

    A5 with bleed 151mm (w) x 216mm (h) 30.00

    * Artwork & design is free to advertisers on Long Term Rate.

    What to consider... 1. Which areas do you want to advertise in: East or West or Both? 2. What size advert do you think suits your business? Bigger isnt always best! 3. Do you want the Short or Long Term Rate? 4. Do you need help with graphic design? 5. When do you want to start?

    For an informal chat about your advertising call Melanie on 023 8026 6388

  • Prices exc vat Short Term Long Term (6+ issues)

    ADVERT SIZE Per issue Per issue per 1,000


    Lineage* n/a 75p p/word

    1/16 page* n/a 28 1.40

    1/8 page n/a 50 2.50


    1/4 page 100 85 4.25

    1/2 page 160 135 6.75

    A5full page 295 250 12.50

    Pages 7-17 RHS Add 10% Add 10% + 10%

    page 5 350 295 14.75

    page 2 350 295 14.75

    page 3 375 320 16.00

    back cover 450 405 20.25

    LEAFLETS 35 per 1,000

    RATE CARD 2011 Each issue is delivered to 20,000 homes. If you book East and West Editions you will reach 40,000 homes and be charged the appropriate amount below per month per issue.

    Minimum booking is 2 of any issues. The first issue of a short or long term booking is

    required to be paid prior to going to print. Long term bookings paid by monthly standing

    order or otherwise by prior agreement. Credit/debit cards accepted.

    * These advertising options are paid for in full at the time of booking and not included in the Advertisers Index. Lineage rate includes VAT

    For an informal chat about your advertising please call Melanie Tinson on 023 8026 6388

  • Mailbox Media Ltd

    Terms and Conditions

    All adverts are accepted by Mailbox Media Ltd on the understanding that they are copyright free. This includes any images, logos, photos, trade logos, clip art or any other content that is used in the advert. It is the advertisers responsibility to acqu ire any necessary permissions for the use of any images, logos, photos, trade logos, clip art or any other content that is used in their advert/editorial/article/any other content.

    It is the advertisers responsibility to check the advert and ensure that it is correct at copy approval stage. No responsibility will be taken by Mailbox Media Ltd for any errors subsequently identified (i.e. after copy approval).

    Any logos/images/photos supplied should be a minimum of 300dpi. No responsibility can be taken for the print quality of any image/logo/photo supplied at a lower resolution.

    Any adverts supplied in JPEG, pdf or any other pre-prepared format will be inserted into a Mailbox Media Ltd publication as supplied and will be assumed not to require copy approval. These files should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi. No responsibility can be taken for the print quality of any advert supplied at a lower resolution. These files may be re-sized to fit the appropriate space.

    Any advert/editorial/article/design which Mailbox Media Ltd has created cannot be used in another publication or advertising medium (e.g. website) without the written approval of Mailbox Media Ltd. A fee will be payable to Mailbox Media Ltd if an advertiser wishes to re-use an advert/editorial/article/design in this way.

    Mailbox Media Ltd reserve the right to refuse/edit advertisements at its discretion.

    Mailbox Media Ltd gives no guarantee of the level of response to adverts/editorial/articles etc. Mailbox Media Ltd are unable to offer a refund if no responses are received.

    The distribution area of Mailbox Media Ltd may vary at the discretion of the publisher.

    Management reserves the right to refuse publication if payment is not received according to the bookings terms and conditions.

    Once an advertising package has been confi