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Spa and Massage Catalog


  • T R U M P S P A

    Discover a hiDDen gem in the heart of manhattan.

    trump spa is designed exclusively for trump international hotel and tower guests and residents. to enhance your stay we invite you to experience our tailored spa treatments, well-appointed amenities, and world-class service. our well-equipped fitness center fea-tures strength and conditioning equipment by technogym, free-weights, stretching area, a full array of fitness accessories, and a 55-ft indoor heated swimming pool.

  • m a s s a g e t r e a t m e n t s

    TRUMP PlATinUM MASSAgeYou deserve to feel this good. our indulgent, premier massageexperience is extended to encourage complete rest and renewal. Your journey features our intuitive welcome ritual, aromatic oils, relaxing scalp massage, and hot towel compressesas well as a refreshing foot treatment.

    MASSAge SyneRgyYour therapist incorporates a variety of massage techniques togive you the personalized care you deserve; whether you need a gentle, soothing session or a deeper, focused touch. indulgeyourself with our massage synergy upgrades to create your owndistinct massage experience.

    MASSAge SyneRgy UPgRAdeSCreate your own distinct massage experience with an indulgent upgrade.

    HoT SToneSheated stones incorporated throughout your massage session provide deeper and longer lasting relaxation.

    lAvA SHellSsustainably harvested tiger clam shells are beautifully polished and heated to provide a unique and memorable massageexperience.

    PARAffin Warm, skin-softening wax melts away joint and muscle aches while hydrating your skin.

    oRgAniC noURiSHing oilanti-oxidant rich, organic aroma oil strengthens and tones

    your skin with omega 3 complex and vitamin e.

    ARoMA oilYour choice of essential oil blends to renew, relax orre-energize your mind and body.

    SUiTe MASSAgeenjoy your massage in the privacy of your guest suite or residence. available for individuals or couples.

    in-SUiTe MASSAgeenjoy your massage in the privacy of your suite or residence.

    SleeP Well ideal for relieving the symptoms of jet lag and fatigue, our sleep Well massage encourages deep, restful sleep with a blend of lavender and ylang ylang and hot towel compresses. cocooned in aromatic oils, your spa therapist envelops your face with hot towels and offers a gentle face and scalpmassage to lull you to sleep.

  • eSSenTiAl Body MelTYour restorative massage experience begins with an invigorating full body dry brush followed by a deep massage with a muscle warming essential oil blend. a moist heat application helps to detoxify and

    melt away your tension as your therapist gently massages your feet.

    Sole SooTHeRrestore your sole with our deluxe foot treatment that includesan invigorating scrub, warm paraffin wrap, stress relieving neckmassage, energizing foot massage, and a moisturizing balm.

    doUBle MAnHATTAnDelight in head to toe indulgence as you enjoy our trump tailored skincare and sole soother simultaneously.

    B o D Y t h e r a P Y

    Pure raDiance nourish and regenerate your skin with our organic omega-3 oilenriched body treatment. We begin with a purifying body wash blended with papaya extracts and follow with a refining bodypolish of crushed bamboo, walnut, and flaxseeds to gently buff away dullness. next, a powerful body peel wrap deeply cleanses,exfoliates dead skin cells, and stimulates cell renewal. Your body is then drenched with an anti-oxidant rich nourishing oil to lock in moisture and protect and repair the skin. a final decadentapplication of a shea butter cream leaves skin silky smooth.

    PURe PoliSHDiscover glowing skin and reveal inner radiance with a mineral rich sea salt scrub followed by moisture rich body butter.

    s K i n c a r e

    for over 30 years sonya Dakar has been providing skincare treatments that treat and heal the skin with natural andeffective solutions. recognized as a leader in correctiveskincare, sonyas products are created with botanical extracts, pure grade essential oils, and the latest scientific breakthroughs. TRUMP HigH PeRfoRMAnCethis facial experience refines and conditions your skin with an array of aroma therapeutic treatments. in this personalized skincare regimen, your specialist addresses common concerns with a thorough cleansing, gentle pumpkin enzyme exfoliation, and botanical mask. sonyas essential green tea peel reveals softer, radiant skin before being massaged with nourishing omega 3 oil to strengthen cells and improve elasticity. additional relaxation is achieved with a heavenly hand and foot massage.

  • UlTRAlUxe Age ConTRol Designed for the discerning spa-goer who wants the best iningredients and luxury, this facial delivers superior results using nonaplex technology and exclusive interval massage techniques to gently reverse the signs of aging of the face, hands, and dcollet. fruit extracts and essential oils gently cleanse and exfoliate while sonyas hydrating ProPeel rejuvenates and balances the skin with lactic acid, papaya, oat proteins, and anti-aging complexes.

    TRUMP TAiloRed SkinCARea fresh cleansing wash formulated to remove impurities is followed by a gentle exfoliation to polish and deeply cleanse your skin. after a thorough skin analysis your esthetician will determine the appropriate sonya Dakar skin refining mask and treatment serums to diminish enlarged pores, reduce redness, or purify and calm the skin. select from our tailored skincare upgrades to furtherpersonalize your skincare treatment.

    TAiloRed SkinCARe UPgRAdeSPersonalize your skincare treatment with Sonya dakars celebrated upgrades.

    gReen TeA Peel customized natural enzyme peel to smooth skins texture and reduce fine lines.

    eye ReSCUe a combination of lymphatic massage and acupressure to relieve tired, puffy eyes.

    neCk And deColleTe fiRMing AndligHTening TReATMenTthis intensive treatment minimizes lines and reduces the appearance of sun spots. skin is hydrated, balanced, and protected with powerful pomegranate extracts, nourishing oils and sPf 30.

    MenS Skin CondiTioning TReATMenTour deep cleansing regimen eliminates blocked pores and smoothes and conditions the texture of your skin. We also include a stress relieving neck and foot massage for ultimate relaxation.

    ReSCUe fACiAlWhen you do not have time to splurge, our time compressed facial offers a deep cleansing, toning, and treatment leaving you with a healthy, radiant complexion.

    A vARieTy of WAxing SeRviCeS AReAvAilABle foR Men And WoMen

  • n A i l C A R e

    PURe RAdiAnCe fooT And leg TReATMenTthis deluxe pedicure begins with a fragrant papaya wash followed by a gentle skin polish featuring crushed bamboo, flaxseed, and walnut. the highlight is a deep cleansing peel which exfoliates the skin, eliminates calluses, and refines the texture of your skin. to keep your legs and feet soft and smooth we delight you with a nourishing omega 3 enriched oil and hydrating body cream. our expert shaping and polishing concludes your transformation.

    ClASSiC MAniCURe oR PediCUReyour deluxe manicure or pedicure features a fragrant soak, skin softening scrub, cuticle treatment, and relaxing aromatic massage followed by expert shaping and polishing.

    exPReSS MAniCUReour mini-manicure gives you the polished look you need when youre short on time.

    nAil CARe eSSenTiAlSenhance your manicure or pedicure with our warm andnourishing nail care essentials.

    SPoT ligHTening And fiRMing TReATMenTreduce the appearance of spots while firming and toning the hands and forearms with anti-oxidant rich extracts, nourish-ing oils, and sPf30.

    PARAffinsoften your skin and soothe joints with a warm waximmersion.

    lAvA SHellS Polished, heated shells offer instant relief to tired feet and hands.

    fRenCH PoliSH PoliSH CHAnge

  • T R U M P S P A C o l l e C T i o n S

    THe PlATinUM exPeRienCehead to toe indulgence for the privileged few featuring oursignature spa treatments. Trump Platinum Massage Trump High Performance facial Classic Manicure and Pedicure

    THe neW yoRkeRfind rest and relaxation in the heart of new York city. Sole Soother Sleep Well

    TRUMP PeRSonAl ColleCTionWhether you wish to spend a few hours or a full day with us,our spa concierge will assist you in creating your own spa experience.

  • T R U M P f i T n e S S

    our fitness studio features Precor cardio-theater,Technogym strength and conditioning equipment,free weights, fitness accessories and a 55-ft heated indoor swimming pool.

    PeRSonAl fiTneSSour certified exercise specialists are available for one on one training and yoga sessions to expand or enhance your current wellness routine.

    Body CoMPoSiTion evAlUATion Develop your ideal fitness program and identify potential health risks with a body composition analysis whichassesses body fat and lean tissue proportions and yourphysical structure.

    fiTneSS evAlUATionour expert staff will assess your muscular strength andendurance, cardiovascular stamina, body composition, and flexibility and create a challenging routine using ourinnovative online personal training program.

  • yoUR SPA exPeRienCe

    ReSeRvATionSWe recommend reserving your spa experience prior to your arrival. spa appointments are subject to availability and must be reserved with a credit card or room number. our spa concierge will assistyou with creating your experience based on your needs.

    CAnCellATionSBecause your spa experience is reserved just for you we kindly request that cancellations or changes be made 24 hours prior to your appointment time. full treatment value will be charged for late cancellations or no shows.

    HeAlTH ConSideRATionSPlease notify our spa concierge if you have any medical conditions that may be aff