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Download TRUMAN CAPOTE And In Cold Blood. Truman Capote Biography Truman Streckfus Persons Born September 30, 1924 (The Sun Also Rises is published in 1926) 1930:

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TRUMAN CAPOTE And In Cold Blood Slide 2 Truman Capote Biography Truman Streckfus Persons Born September 30, 1924 (The Sun Also Rises is published in 1926) 1930: Sent to live with his mothers family in Alabama, where he meets lifelong friend Nelle Harper Lee (author of To Kill A Mockingbird) Critics believe he is the character of Dill Some critics believe he wrote TKAM; others believe he just helped Harper Lee becomes his research assistant for In Cold Blood Parents divorce in 1931, and his mother marries Joseph Capote in 1932. The new family moves to New York. 1935: changes last name to Capote. 1939: moves to Greenwich, CT. Begins writing and submitting short stories. When he fails to graduate from high school in CT, he moves back to New York and enters the Franklin School. Slide 3 Biography (cont) Works as a copyboy for the New Yorker while finishing school 1943: Graduates from Franklin School 1943: First published work "The Walls Are Cold" in Decade of Short Stories 1944:"A Mink of One's Own" and "The Shape of Things" published in Decade of Short Stories 1945: Signs contract for his first novel Other Voices, Other Rooms Slide 4 Biography (cont) 1945: Moves away from his mother due to her alcoholism Jan. 19, 1948: Other Voices, Other Rooms published 1951: The Grass Harp is published. He adapts it into a play, which begins its run on Broadway in 1952 for one month. Moves to Rome in 1952. 1954: His mother dies from an overdose of sleeping pills. Slide 5 1956: Moves back to New York from Rome. Travels to Asia to write about the filming of a Marlon Brando movie. 1958: Short story Breakfast at Tiffanys is published in the Esquire. 1959: Travels to Kansas with Harper Lee to research Clutter murders. 1960 - Begins work on In Cold Blood. 1965: In Cold Blood runs in the New Yorker in 4 installments. 1966: Hosts first Black and White Ball. Slide 6 1967: Movie In Cold Blood released Interesting side note: Robert Blake starred in the film as Perry Smith. In 2002, Blake was arrested and later tried for the shooting murder of his wife. He was found not guilty despite evidence that he tried to hire a hit man to kill her. 1981: Arch Persons, Capotes birth father, dies. 1984: Capote dies of hear failure. Slide 7 Truman Capote and Harper Lee Capote with Alvin Dewey And Mrs. Dewey Slide 8 Holcumb, Kansas aerial view 2008 Holcomb remains primarily a farming town. On the outskirts of Garden City, KS (much like how Marietta is Just outside of Atlanta), the town was made famous by Capote. People Still visit the town to see the Clutter Home and other cites that were the focus of the investigation and Capotes novel. Slide 9 The Clutter Home Today The Clutter House BasementDining room of the home The caretakers house Bonnie Clutters Bedroom Slide 10 Capotes style: In Cold Blood Takes credit for creating what he calls the non-fiction novel: depicts real events narrated with techniques of fiction. The non-fiction novel is an otherwise loosely-defined and flexible genre. Hints of this type of novel exist before Capote, but the non-fiction narrative, as it is now referred to, is considered to have been born with the publication of In Cold Blood. Slide 11 Slide 12 A drawing of Jesus by Perry Smith Richard Hickock and Perry Smith Perry Smith talks with Truman Capote


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