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  • In Bethlehem, God gave to usThe source of Christmas joy;A star shown on a miracle:The virgin birth of a boy. He was born both God and man,A Savior for us all. Joanna Fuchs

  • Glory to Godin the highest and on earth peaceto those on whomhis favor rests. Luke 2:14

  • When He came to us as man, the Son of God scattered the darkness of this world, and filled this holy night with His glory. May the God of inifinite goodness scatter the darkness of sinand brighten your hearts with holiness.

  • Dear Lord, we're here at Christmas timeTo honor your sacred birth,Dear Savior, thank you for bringing allYour precious gifts to earth.

  • Dear Lord, as we celebrate Your birth,let us remember that You are the true reason for Christmas.Let every sparkling light remind us how You illuminate our lives,a shining beacon to guide us in our thoughts and actions each day,and how You light us from withinin the knowledge of Your love and truth.Let us remember that You are the sole providerof everything worth having, that all good things come from You.

  • Let us remember there would be no Christmas without You, Lord,and let us our hearts be filled with joy, and love and thankfulness, this Christmas and all the ones to come.In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

  • Let us make time for family, but also spend private devotional time in contemplation of the sheer wonder of the reality Christmas symbolizes: The Mystery of the birth of Jesus Christ into our often troubled and lonely world. He is the fulfillment of all humanity's hopes and dreams. He is the answer to all our personal questions, large and small. He is the solution to the troubles of the entire world. Take time to listen to His Word, and to fully experience His good news in your life. For then together we can BE peace on earth in a time of war. We can bring stability to our families. We will find peace in our own human hearts, so often troubled about many things. This is my prayer for you this Christmas. This is my blessing. John Michael Talbot

  • Poems by Joanna Fuchs

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