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Whole Grain Bread Baking SuppliesPhone: (970) 669-8505 Nona Dutchak970-581-3826

7510 E County Road 18, Johnstown, CO 80534 E-Mail: BOSCH Grain Mills Wheat Grains

Please Note

Please, fill out your orders and check and send to: Please Note The Bread Lady, 7510 E County Road 18 Johnstown, CO 80534 -Please, pick up your orders on day of pick up. If you are unable to pick up on this day, try very, very hard to find a friend, family member or whoever to pick up for you. If you have done all you can then I will help out. But please, understand that if your order is not picked up on pick up day that is When you buy grain from me other than at three more times we have to move that 50# bag of grain.Super fine OR coarse flour, allows you to grind up to 5# of grain at one time, thats the perfect amount to make five loaves of bread. Put your grain in and oops, have to leave, no problem turn it off and come back to it later. Has 12 amp, 1 3/4 hp motor. Lifetime warranty. the truckload sale prices will be $3.00 more a bag. This is a good time to stock up and save $$. I have Truckload sales in April and October. Thank You

Mothers Day Special NUTRIMILL Sale $239.99

Order Deadline: Saturday, April 14, 2012 Pick Up: ????????????????

Drop shipping to your home or office available.

BOSCH AttachmentsSlicer Shredder Food Processor Blender

Mothers Day Special

$149.99 $129.99 $79.99$27.99

Bosch Universal Plus $419.99 with out blender Retail:$569.99 Get Food Processor for $39.99 with the purchase of the Bosch Universal PlusNot only does the Bosh take all the work out of making bread it also is a great mixer for everything that needs to be mixed. It is a gift that you can continue to add attachments too, look over to your right and check out the attachments. I have the meat grinder and the berry attachment. Its so fast and easy to juice your tomatos. I love my Bosch and the attachments. This Bosch has a 800 watt motor, has rubber suction cup feet to grip your counter top. The bowl now locks down on the base solid. The bowl rim handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. Turn the bowl over, and the stainless steel drive shaft that comes up through the bottom of the bowl is now quick detachable for easy cleanup.

Bowl Scraper for Bosch

Bosch Wire WhipsCookie Paddles

$ 18.99 $ 21.99 $159.99 $ 144.99

Meat Grinder Berry Attachment *

Please still remember that prices may change at anytime. Im sending out the most current prices of grain. from Wheat Montana. Hopefully, the prices will not change for the price of the grain or shipping. If they do I will email and let you know. Just remember gas prices are going up daily. I have no control over this. Thanks, so much for your understanding. Sorry :-(

-Please use separate sheet of paper to order items listed throughout this order form . Attention Please: To use the cookie paddles for this machine you need to buy the metal whip -As always I will have many items for drive that holds the cookie paddles. The mixer comes with a plastic piece, for dishwasher sale at the truckload sale. safe, instead of metal, the plastic will not hold up to the pressure and weight of the cookie -lease read through flyer completely dough or whatever your mixing with the paddles. Price $32.99 includes metal drive part for instructions on ordering, and pick plus cookie paddles. up. As always thanks for your business.

Grain Sale Ordering InstructionsProduct Information:


Grain Sale Ordering Instructions

Ordering Instructions:

Please mail orders to the following address:

All of my grains come from Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery. This organization is committed to providing the high protein wheat at a reasonable price. Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief Wheat are Certified Chemical FREE and are available only through Wheat Montana Farms (imitations of these wheat products have caused very disappointing baking results.) Other grains listed are chemical free, just not certified. The grain sold in 45# pails contain an oxygen absorbing packet. (All grains also GMO Free Genetically Modified Organism) * Your order must be received in writing with payment by Saturday, April 14, 2012 * 100% payment must be received with order. No email orders please. Please send order with payment. It really helps to keep bookwork and ordering easier. I f you pay with a credit card there will be a $3.00 charge added to your total price for the processing of the card. Thanks * PICK UP : ?????????? The address to pick up is not the same as the mailing address!!!!!!!! The New Pick-Up address is: 32186 Weld Cty Road 29, Greeley, CO 80631 NOTE: If this date will not work for you to pick up, you may make advance arrangements for a later pick up date. Please send orders & make checks payable to: The Bread Lady Mail order and Checks to: The Bread Lady, 7510 E County Road 18, Johnstown, CO 80534 If any problems with directions call my cell phone : (970) 581-3826 Email with any questions:

Foolproof Whole Wheat Bread

Grain to Bread in 90 Minutes!!

6 Cups warm water (baby bath temperature) 2 Tbl Dough Enhancer 1 1/2 Tbl salt 3 Tbl SAF Yeast 1/2 Cup oil 10 Cups wheat kernels 1/2 Cup honey Freshly grind wheat into flour (medium setting). Add water and several cups of freshly ground whole wheat flour to Bosch mixing bowl with dough hook in place. Mix using a few short bursts of the spring-loaded jogging switch (M). Add the salt, honey, oil, dough enhancer and SAF yeast and jog briefly. (If the quality of your wheat is suspect try adding 3-4 TBL gluten also.) While the Bosch is kneading at speed one, slowly add whole wheat flour until dough pulls away from the side of the mixing bowl. This normally will take most of the whole wheat flour you have ground. It is better to add too little flour than too much flour. Allow the Bosch to knead the dough until the gluten in the whole wheat flour is properly developed. This takes about 10-12 minutes. Turn oven on to pre-heat to 150 degrees. Shape into loaves and place in pans ( I suggest lecithin liquid). Turn oven off. Put loaves in warm oven to rise until double in size. (Approx 25 minutes) When loaves are double in size set oven to 350 degrees and turn it on (leave loaves in oven). Bake for 30-35 minutes. When loaves are done, immediately remove from pans and let cool on wire rack. (Hint: So pans wont stick, wipe out while hot and dont wash them).

Wheat Montana now has Organic Grains 50# Bags: Organic Bronze Chief Berries : $34.30 Organic Prairie Gold Berries: $35.60 Organic Spelt Berries: $52.60 Organic Bronze Chief Flour: $35.80 Organic Prairie Gold Flour: $35.40 Organic Spelt Flour: $54.40 25# bags: Organic Bronze Chief :$22.50 Organic Prairie Gold: $23.40 45# Pails: Organic Bronze Chief: $41.85 Organic Prairie Gold: $43.55 ___________________________________ Bronze Chief Premium Flour: 50#, $33.80 Prairie Gold Premium Flour: 50# , $35.40 Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: 50#, $40.30 Spelt Flour: 50#, $52.40 Hard Red Winter Wheat 50#, $32.30 Hard Red Winter Wheat 45# pail, $39.85 Please order these item on separate sheet of paper.

Please Note

I do not have this book in stock. It is a wonderful book to go with your Bosch.

There are other cookbooks on the back page of this flyer for sale.

Hearth & Home by Karey Swan

$17.00Sale $25.00 Retail

A Beautiful Christian Cooking and Homemaking book. Laced with touching scripture and poetry. A wonderful gift for someone you love, maybe yourself.


5# Bag

25# Bag

50# Bag

45# Pail

Item Total

Prairie GoldTM Hard White Spring Wheat

Specifically grown for successful home baking with 100% Whole Wheat! Certified Chemical Free, High protein (15%) High protein is a necessity for good bread products. This wheat makes excellent bread. Our Favorite!

$5.46 $5..33 $5.82 $8.76 $6.65 $6.65 $7.16 $6.70 $9.00 $7.30

$22.40 $21.50.

$33.60 $41.55 $32.30 $39.85 $37.20 $45.25

Bronze ChiefTM Hard Red Spring Wheat: Certified Chemical Free Soft White Wheat: (Pastry Berries) used in cakes, cookies, pies and pastries Whole 7 Grain Mix: Wheat Montana hard wheat, oats, soft wheat, rye, triticale, barley and millet. 7 Grain Mix Cereal Flakes: Great substitute for rolled oats! Regular Rolled Oats: Wonderful for cereal and baking! Gets an A for nutrition! Flour: Natural White Unbleached Flour: Highest protein unbleached white flour available!(10# bag-$8.64) Spelt: Excellent substitute if you cannot eat wheat. The great-grandmother of wheat Golden Flax Seed : Wonderful for essential fatty acids a great immune booster Cracked 9-Grain Mix: hard wheat, oats, soft wheat, rye triticale, barley, millet, flax durham wheat Steel Cut Oat Groats:

$37.80 $45.50 $45.50 $35.20


$50.60 $55.05 $27.50 $68.90 $52.00

Beans: 11 Bean & Pea Mix

lentils, whole green peas, split yellow & green peas, black-eye peas, baby lima beans, pintos, small white & small red navy, black turtle beans, pink

$49.30 $8.38 $7.30 $9.16 $5.33 $39.80 $62.80


Kamut: Ancient Egyptian Grain (nice alternative to wheatespecially for those with wheat allergies) Oat Groats: Whole Oats, great for rolling your own Rolled Oat Cereal Rice: Long Grain Brown Rice Wheat Bran: Vital Wheat Gluten: Dough Enhancer: Yeast: SAF Instant Yeast: REALSALT : 27oz can $9.75 16 oz $9.99 1 # pkg $6.99 26 oz pkg $9.99

$52.00 $60.45 $73.75

$28.00 $28.00

Remember to add 3.7% tax to all non food itemsOther Items: ( all non food items are taxed at 3.7% ) Use additional paper if needed Wheat Montana Metal Pail Openers Gamma Seals: these fit any buckets that are 3.5-6.0