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  • 1. Truck Driving Schools

2. Truck Driving Training Programs Finding a truck driving school is the first step in getting your Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Training programs vary in length; anywhere from 17 days to 8 weeks. 3. Finding a Trucking School Some truck driving trainer programs are through a company, while others do only the training, not the driving afterward When training with a company, you are often guaranteed a job when you get your CDL, as long as you meet their hiring requirements Some schools offer financial assistance, such as a student loan, while others with sponsor your schooling as long as you work for their company for a certain amount of time. 4. Here Are Some Ideas for Trucking Schools Click the picture for more information on the school 5. What to Expect CDL training programs will first begin in the classroom. After the necessary paperwork is completed, you can spend up to a week in a classroom learning the basics. Once you leave the classroom, you are taught how to drive the truck, learning how to shift, back- up, etc. Many companies will have their students then drive with a trainer for a certain amount of time, or for a number of miles, to ensure that the student is comfortable enough driving the truck. Photo courtesy of 6. After You Graduate If you have trained with a trucking company, you will now be a driver with that company If you attended a school for your CDL, depending on whether or not they have a partner trucking company, you will be looking for a driving job, or be offered a job with their partner company Either way, you have just gained a new skill that will give you new career opportunities 7. Thanks for Following! Would you like to become a truck driver?