truck driving and carpal tunnel symptoms

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  1. 1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs if hands are mechanically stressed or over-worked occurs if hands are under extended vibration is most prevalent in truck drivers because: - holding a steering wheel & gear shifting is stressful - the wheel transmits vibration This is the perfect recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  2. 2. The pain, numbness, tingling, burning, weakness and swollen feeling in your hand & fingers gets unbearable. You want to give up. But you cant stop driving! (And these dont work at all.) Splints/Braces Steroid Shots Medicines Carpal Tunnel Surgery
  3. 3. Use the only PROVEN therapy that works 100% for carpal tunnel syndrome is Myofascial Release Massage Its helped millions get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome for good. You need this therapy every day for 30 days Myofascial release massage kneads your flexor tendons.
  4. 4. But you dont need a therapist. Carpal Rx gives you this therapy at home. Dont Stop Driving If you have carpal tunnel syndrome click here click & see how to get relief now:


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