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  1. 1. Royal Expeditions Offers Best Wildlife Tour Packages in IndiaRoyal Expeditions is one of the most revered destination management companies thatenables discerning travelers capture the magnificence, glory, majesty and rich cultureand biodiversity of the Indian sub-continent.Royal Expeditions comes out to be an ideal resource for those who want to explore thenatural beauty, heritage, cultural and biodiversity of Indian and the Indian sub-continent.Established in 1993 by the princess of Jodhpur, Royal Expeditions blends its twodecades of experience, knowledge and expertise to customize travel packages as per thepeculiar tastes, likings and requirements of the customers. No destination managementcompany has as vital resources and royal connections to offer great travel experience toits customers as Royal Expeditions.One of the executives working with Royal Expeditions has this to say, We strive hard toprovide our esteemed customers novel and personal experience when it comes toexploring the tourist hotspots of natural, cultural, historical and archaeologicalimportance in India and Indian sub-continent. We offer personalized luxury tours toindividuals and groups with a difference. Be it any region of great tourist importance inNepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or India, we arrange itineraries to perfection and ensure thatvisitors feel welcomed, elated and above all safe when embarking on a travelexpedition.Royal Expeditions has great expertise to organize hassle free holidays and safe travel toany destination tourists choose within Indian sub-continent. It understands the travelrequirements of individuals and groups better than anyone else in the industry and doeseverything possible to offer tourists a great chance to capture the majesty, glory andmagnificence that Indian sub-continent is famous for. Being one of the highly reveredluxury tour organizers in the region, Royal Expeditions also arranges wildlife tours forits customers.The executive has this to say about the wildlife tours that Royal Expeditions organizes,From arid Himalayan Plateau to deserts of Rajasthan and from swamps of Kaziranga tothe tropical backwaters of Kerala, we are the best at organizing luxury tours to our
  2. 2. esteemed customers. To those who are interested in exploring the biodiversity of India,we arrange tours to more than 80 national parks that include more than 440 sanctuariesand 23 tiger reserves. These include more than 350 mammals, more than 1220 species ofbirds, 1600 species of reptiles and amphibians as well as over 57,000 species of insectsthat are found in abundance in Indian sub-continent. Some of them are unique to thesub-continent like White Tiger, Asian Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Great Indian Bustard,Lion-Tailed Macaque and Andaman Teal to name a few.These numbers are enough to give tourists an idea about the biodiversity that Indian sub-continenthas. Tourists can choose their destination and rely fully on Royal Expeditionsfor organizing the luxury tours like no other. Owing to these reasons, Royal Expeditionsstands tall as the most reliable travel agent for India. Royal ExpeditionsRoyal Expeditions is one of the most revered names when it comes to organizing greattours for the discerning travelers from all over the world who are interested in exploringthe rich culture, heritage and natural beauty of Indian sub-continent. Established byPrincess of Jodhpur in the year 1993, the destination management company of highestorder and repute understands the tastes and likings of the travelers and customizes tourpackages to attain 100 percent customer satisfaction. Be the traveler is interested toexplore the tourist destinations within India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or for that matter, Nepal,Royal Expeditions has experience, expertise and all the necessary wherewithal toorganize tours for that once in a lifetime experience. The destination managementcompany also offers specialized wildlife tours package in India to those who want to get familiarwith the biodiversity of the country.Contact Information:26 Community Center (II Floor),East of Kailash, New Delhi - 110065, IndiaPhone: 91-11-41622245, 26238546Email: sales@royalexpeditions.comWebsite: