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Workshop schedule through January of 2013


  • With the advent of digital cameras, photography has never been easier or more exciting. This workshop covers the principles of photography, lighting, focus and composition and explains in an easy to understand hands on fashion, most of the buttons, dials and menus found on todays sophisticated point and shoot cameras.

    No previous knowledge or experience required. Bring camera, manual, batteries, space on your memory card and water.

    Nov. 10 2012 Dec. 26 2012 Jan. 2 2013$55.00 per person8 am - 12pmHawksnest Beach Pavilion

    An introduction to underwater photography for the point and shoot waterproof camera, or a point and shoot in a watertight housing. This course introduces the principles of underwater photography including available light, artificial light, custom white balance, color absorption, improving sharpness, color saturation and creative camera angles.

    For the snorkeler who owns their own underwater camera, this course will help you get sharper and more colorful images from your camera system.

    Nov. 20 2012 Dec. 22 2012Dec. 27 2012 Jan. 17 2013

    $55.00 per person8 am - 12pmHawksnest Beach Pavilion

    If you own an advanced digital camera that has manual settings and / or a digital SLR with interchangeable lenses, this class is for you. This workshop goes more in depth into the functions, features and menu options and helps push your photography to the next level to better acquaint you with the sophisticated features found in todays high end digital cameras. This course will help sharpen any photographers skill and acquaintance with their camera system helping to unleash more of your creative vision.

    For the intermediate to advanced digital camera owner.

    Nov. 22 2012 Dec. 13 2012 Dec. 28 2012 Jan. 12 2013$55.00 per person8 am - 12pmHawksnest Beach Pavilion

    A More comprehensive look at the principles ofunderwater photography including the use of digital SLRs in underwater housings with underwater flashes. This course is for certified scuba divers. Covers, macro, wide angle, available light, flash photography and close focus wide angle.

    Better suited to those photographers that already use external underwater flashes.

    Nov. 3 2012 Dec. 3 2012 Dec. 29 2012 Jan. 29 2013

    $125.00 plus diving cost8 am- 12 pmLow Key Watersports

    Tropical Light Photography Workshop Beyond the Basics

    Snorkel Photography Workshop Underwater Photography Workshop

    Nov 2012

    Contact Steve or Janet for more information on this years schedule and pricing

    340.775.4485 340.690.8986


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