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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print and digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artists, up and coming musicians and even celebrities, this magazine keeps you up to date with the amazing talent around the world.


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  • Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner)

    I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the

    educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host.

    The radios success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. Im incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy!

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  • !The Stereo Boyz Detroit, Michigan

    Stereo Boyz consist of members Detroit Mixo (aka Applauze Beetz), Kid Boombox, & Mic Audio. Before becoming super group Stereo Boyz they were a part of the Rhyme Asylum (1999 - 2008), a group that claimed a reputation of being one of Detroit's most devastating underground rap groups. Performing since a young age, the three MCs have created an undeniable stage presence. They master the ceremony & have earned the respect of every artist they came across. Completing a three month tour across Europe in late 2011, then returning 2012 & 2013, with shows in Germany, France, Austria, Holland, & Switzerland the Stereo Boyz have been internationally approved by fans abroad. With Mixo & Kid Boombox coming from Detroit & Mic Audio from Chicago they have created a perfect fusion of the Midwest. Combining strong lyrics with catchy hooks, their sound merges the best of both worlds: clever rhymes & beats that any hip hop fan will nod their head or move their feet to. The mixtape Sound Check Vol 1 was their first group effort & has earned praises from rap fans worldwide. The Stereo Boyz dropped their EP Live from the Ghettoblaster on January 2011 and their highly anticipated debut album Carz, Clubz & Theatrez has released in the Fall of 2013. Constantly in the studio working, writing, recording, rehearsing at home & abroad on new ideas, beats, and rhymes the group has several mixtapes from all group members coming out making it impossible to be slept on. Currently finishing up solo albums Mic Audio "Hometown Advantage" which released Fall 2014 have been placed in rotation on MTV Germany. Detroit Mixo "#Fresh2Life" produced, wrote, & recorded in Berlin set to release Summer 2015 with Kid Boombox "God Particle" to follow. The Stereo Boyz represent the past, present, & future of Detroit Hip-Hop. Their combination of Detroit Motown and Chicago's House & Electro Pop sound has created a Midwest masterpiece. Now it's time to share that masterpiece with the world. #PeaceLoveUnity

  • The Rhythmic Lounge: Our readers/followers can easily Google The Stereo Boyz and read about your talent and background in the entertainment industry but nobody knows the true identity of the group quite like The Stereo Boyz themselves! That being saidwho are The Stereo Boyz? Mic Audio: The stereo boyz are Detroit's newest form of the modern day Motown sound. Appreciated globally. Detroit Mixo: A fine blend of past, present, & future Midwest vibrations. Huey Boombox: The Grooviest The Rhythmic Lounge: Were there people around you who encouraged and influenced you to really pursue your talent? Stereo Boyz: The People - Family, Friends, & Community. Individually and Collectively. The Rhythmic Lounge: Many artists have accomplished hometown following and notorietyThe Stereo Boyz included! How have you managed to go above that and also make a name for yourselves internationally? Stereo Boyz: By doing us. Somewhere in the music timeline especially in rap culture it became cool to imitate/jock/bite another artist style because its popular. That's not Hip-Hop or human. Even though there are 3 of us in 1 group. Our identity shines from bringing our individually in unity & that notoriety you speak of comes from always being honest and open with your music. People gravitate towards real lyricism. Real ideas and healers of the world. The Rhythmic Lounge: Your first group release as Stereo Boyz was Sound Check Vol 1. How has time, knowledge and experience shaped/changed your growth and talent from that point to now? Stereo Boyz: From rhyming together in grade school, to touring the world, to now doing this interview with you. We have come so far but still have a journey ahead of us. The power of knowledge from learning thru experiences is priceless. We couldn't have imagined the love and success Sound check did at the time. Over time, we learned how any project, big or small can catch the ears of people. We all grow everyday, so still today, we are still seeds and baby trees. The Rhythmic Lounge: What can we look forward to from The Stereo Boyz in the near future? Stereo Boyz: Better music and we'll continue to be real, honest and spreading peace in our music. We stay very active as musicians & have a lot on the way. Our music is a gift from us so we don't want to spoil surprises :) Currently released the single "Taxi". A song with a b-side & bonus cut. 3 songs for a great example of whats to come from us this year. Stay connected on social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) for all updates. Its really us & we love to stay actively engaged with our people. #PeaceLoveUnityAndFun !

  • ! !Mississippi artist, 387 has been making waves in the southern hip-hop scene for a few years. With the release of her new album, Consistency and the video for her first singe, "Do It Like Me" taking off on Youtube, prepare to see the name "387" a lot more this year. Essince (TRL): How did you get the name "387"? 387: The name 387 actually came to me in a dream at my cousin's apartment when I was

    laying on the couch about 3:00 in the morning. Essince (TRL): What are your goals with music? 387: My goal with music is to share my life story with the world and give other artist's motivation out there and hope that there dreams can come true regardless of what type of environment they come from that it CAN be done. Essince (TRL): What is the music scene like in Mississippi? 387: Well Mississippi is where music was born so that's mostly all you will here down here and as far as the scenery i wouldn't say it was some Hollywood fantasy but it can have u writing what you've actually been through and it's not a place that you can easily forget. Essince (TRL): What is your dream collaboration? 387: I would have to say my dream collaboration would be Pattie La Belle, Mariah Carey, Da Brat, I mean I have quite a few. Essince (TRL): Any final shout outs? What are your social media names? 387: First and foremost I would like to thank God for blessing me in more ways than one, my family for there support system, my manager Julianda Grimsley for sticking by me throughout my journey with everything and anyone else I missed.... IG/Twitter: @387ent!!!!! where creativity lives MAY / / 9

  • ! Michael(Egleton((!At the age of seven, Michael Egleton was introduced to music when his mom brought home a guitar for Christmas. He continued to play and experiment with numerous instruments before finding his musical connection with the keyboard. Michael began his musical career by playing and composing Gospel music for local artists and churches. Throughout the years his passion for music has broaden to include various genres such as Jazz, R&B and Soul. Johnny Gill, Bobby Blue Bland, George Benson, Michael Henderson, Tyrese are just a few of the names that come to mind when you hear the music of Michael Egleton. Whether youre in the mood to dance or for love the R & B, jazzy and sultry blends of piano and orchestra sounds sprinkled with raspy vocals takes you there with every song. Today his keyboard is how he interprets life and allows his feelings to flow from the heart. Egletons mature sound can be attributed to his childhood and being raised by his grandfather, a fiery Gospel preacher from the south and former Honkie Tonk musician himself during the 40s and 50s playing in the juke joints around Chicago. This fresh, new sound with an old flare and innovative techniques and style best describes Michael Egleton and his music. It is simple yet mature, nothing too complicated, a straight to the point sound thats refreshing to todays music. Many of Michaels musical influences include legendary Stevie Wonder, The Clark Sisters, George Duke, Michael Henderson, George Haynes of St. Louis and Barry White to name a few. Originally from Barberton, Ohio, Michael currently resides in Akron, Ohio. Akron is well-known for producing several artists and industry greats and Egleton aspires to add his name to that list one day. He has released two independent albums Baby, Baby, Baby and his current album titled, Thats Alright. This new album is steadily rising up the charts and is currently number one on Akrons charts in the Blues, Jazz and Soul categories. All of Michaels life experiences and lessons shapes him as a musician and are reflected in his music. Eager to experience success on the next level Michael Egleton is making his mark in the music industry.(((((




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