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TRITOn Translational Informatics Research Platform. William Stephens The Ohio State University February 2011. What is TRITOn ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *TRITOnTranslationalInformaticsResearchPlatform

    William StephensThe Ohio State University February 2011

  • *What is TRITOn?The Translational Information Research Information Omnibus (TRITOn) is an integrative translational research information management platform. It is the product of an NCI funded re-engineering effort of the CSIM software used by the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Research Consortium (CLL-CRC).

    CLL-CRCTranslational research targeting Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)Established in 1999Cohort of over 5,000 patientsComprehensive phenotypic and bio-molecular data sets, as well as bio-specimens8 participating sites

  • GoalsGoals of the project:Modernize the technologies underlying the CRCs clinical and translational research information management systems, including grid technologies and a modern web application framework.Provide CRC participants with access to tools capable of enabling an increase in research productivity:Data exchangeBio-specimen managementAdverse event detectionProtocol-driven decision supportIntegrative query and data aggregationProvide community access to resulting technologies


  • Platform Overview*Clinical Trials ManagementBio-specimenManagementBasic ScienceData Capture

  • Application Architecture 5/2012*

  • Grid Service InformationGrid Service Specifics (Directory, Protocol and Participant)caGrid 4.2Writable APIData Services with analytical operationsLocal API no caCORE web applications needed

    caTissueCustom caTissue data service using version 1.1.1 domain modelUses standard grid security to authorize grid user accessGrid users can query using CSM configurations specific to their role.

    caAERScaAERS service to allow querying of adverse event codes Support for electronic adverse event reporting*

  • Web Application InformationJava-based User InterfaceUses Google Web Toolkit version 2.1 (latest release)Uses MVP (model view presentation) architecturePurposely uses a clean Google-like interfaceIntegrates with caGridDorian Serviceuser registration and authenticationDirectory ServiceInstitution, Site, User and Participant informationProtocol ServiceCreation and management of clinical protocolsParticipant ServiceManagement of Participant enrollment and CRF data collectioncaTissue ServiceTissue Sample management*

  • UI Appearance*



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