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    Trinity Lutheran Church

    502 Sanders Avenue, Hildreth, Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

    Trinity Lutheran Church

    P. O. Box 187

    Hildreth, NE 68947

    Address Service Requested

    Non-profit Organization US Postage Paid Permit #3 Hildreth, Nebraska 68947 CAR-RT-SORT

    Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

    Our Mission We pledge ourselves to serve and

    glorify God by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through procla-

    mation, teaching, fellowship and ministry to all people in our area and ultimately the world at large.



    Hildreth, Nebraska 502 Sanders Avenue

    P. O. Box 187

    Congregation Council

    Carol LoschenPresident

    Wayne Hinrichs

    Linda FechtSecretary-Education

    Dean CasperTreasurer-Stewardship

    Ryan KnausCemetery Custodian

    Melanie JohnsonProperty

    Rob Evers Congregational Care

    Seth JohnsonOutreach

    Mary BungerWorship

    Office Secretary

    Diana Bunger


    Patti and Steve Byrne

    Church Office938-3395



    Web site:

    REFLECTIONS Sandi, Wayne, and Peggy have just returned from an exciting trip to Tanzania to visit with our brothers and sisters in the Lutheran Church in that country. The Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lu-theran Church in Tanzania is our Nebraska Synods sister synod. Jessica Harms also visited our sister synod a couple years ago with a group from Midland Lutheran University. There are over 7 million Lutherans in this country about the size of Texas. And they are growing. These three from Trinity returned inspired by the people of that synod. It is great to see their excitement. On March 11, Wayne, Sandi, and Peg will be sharing their excitement with us in worship as they introduce us to the remarkable Christians and the Church that they experienced in Tanzania. They will do this as a part of the 10:30 worship ser-vice. Switching gears just a little. On Sunday, February 18, the Council spent the early after-noon hours in a special workshop where we oriented the new members as to how we can best work together for leading Gods people in mission And we also did some visioning as to what ministry directions that God may want to lead Trinity in its mission to Gods world and Gods people. Several of us had been praying for God to give us guidance in the next big step in minis-try that God wanted from us. Wayne brought to us a possibility that immediately cap-tured the imagination of the whole council. Our three ambassadors to Tanzania came back with the information that one of the churches they visited in Tanzania and really loved did not have a sister congregation in its sister synod. They were open and perhaps eager to that idea of entering into a sister congregation relationship. This is something that several congregations in Nebraska Syn-od are doing with other churches in Tanzania. Some have even brought pastoral and lay leaders from their sister congregations to Nebraska for a person to person visit. The council immediately saw this as a real relationship and not just a place to send mis-sion dollars, as good as that might be. This is an opportunity to build a real relationship. Our members being welcomed in their Church and their members being welcomed in ours. It wouldnt be some sort of empirical model of one supporting another, but a true relational model where we share the gifts God has given us for their well-being and they give to us of the gifts God has given them. I can see Gods hand moving this thing. Like Gibbs says on NCIS, There is no such thing as coincidence. Especially not where God is concerned when he drops a ministry op-portunity in front of his people. Nobody knows where this is all going. We know this much. We have an opportunity. I can see some of our members going to visit our sister Church and being welcomed and inspired by their Tanzanian brothers and sisters. I can see bringing some of our Tanzani-an Brothers and sisters to Trinity to let them inspire and encourage us in the work of God we are doing. Please mark your calendars for March 11. Come to worship that morning. But pray be-fore you come. Ask God to grant you discernment and vision to see if this is what God is calling Trinity to as our next big step in serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Like Philip said to Nathanael, Come and see for yourself.


    Sunday Morning

    10:30 a.m.

    Evening Worship5:30 p.m. 1st SundayHoly Communion

    2nd & 4th Sunday - Gospel Singing

    3rd SundayRegular Worship

    Lenten Worship7:00 p.m. Wednesdays March 7 , 14, 21

    Maundy Thursday. March 29

    Good FridayMarch 30

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    Council *Carol Loschen,

    Rob Evers, Seth Johnson

    Altar GuildShannon Adam,

    Teresa Evers, Marilyn Hays

    March 4

    GreeterSteve & Melanie Johnson

    Marge Jelden

    ReadersLaurie Lush

    Sound Eric Ingram

    Acolytes Carson Lindau

    Joe Lee

    March 11

    GreetersRon & Deb Knaus

    Kris & Cheryl Schepker

    ReadersRyan Jurgens

    SoundRyan Knaus

    AcolyteKeya Knaus

    Grayson Sheen

    March 18

    GreetersNick & Tonya Bunger

    Rob & Nicole Evers

    ReaderLinda Fecht

    SoundDean Casper

    AcolyteChase Casper

    Joe Lee

    March 25

    GreetersChad & Tracy Lindau

    Dale & Lidija Loschen

    ReaderKatrina Bauer

    SoundRyan Knaus

    AcolyteTate Garrett

    Sam Gruwell

    Worship Services March 4 Third Sunday in Lent The third covenant in this years Lenten readings is the central one of

    Israels history: the gift of the law to those God

    freed from slavery. The ten commandments are

    one of the chief parts of Luthers catechism, a

    core piece of baptismal instruction. They begin

    with the statement that because God alone has

    freed us from the powers that oppressed us, we

    are to let nothing else claim first place in our

    lives. When Jesus throws the merchants out of

    the temple, he is defending the worship of God alone and rejecting

    the ways commerce and profit-making can become our gods.

    March 11Fourth Sunday in Lent The fourth of the Old Testament promises

    providing a baptismal lens this Lent is the

    promise God makes to Moses: those who

    look on the bronze serpent will live. In to-

    day's gospel Jesus says he will be lifted up on

    the cross like the serpent, so that those who

    look to him in faith will live. When we re-

    ceive the sign of the cross in baptism, that

    cross becomes the sign we can look to in

    faith, for healing, for restored relationship to God, for hope when we

    are dying.

    March 18Fifth Sunday in Lent God promises Jeremiah that a new covenant will be made in the

    future: a covenant that will allow all the people to know God by

    heart. The church sees this promise fulfilled in Christ, who draws all

    people to himself when he is lifted up on the cross. Our baptismal

    covenant draws us to Gods heart through Christ and draws Gods

    light and truth into our hearts. We see Gods heart most clearly in

    the way Jesus shares human suffering, in an agony both the John and

    Hebrews readings describe.

    March 25Palm/Passion SundayThe first and second readings and psalm are the same this Sunday every year: Christ emp-tying himself of divine power and protection, willingly becoming vulnerable to those who struck him and put him to death. With Christ we lament his suffering and all human suffer-ing, but expect Gods final vindication. Marks passion story begins with an unnamed woman anointing his head, perhaps to proclaim him Messiah, and Jesus saying she has anointed him beforehand for burial. Marks Easter story will begin with women going to anoint Jesus for burial, only to find that he has been raised, Gods living Anointed One.


    In Lukes gospel, as Jesus prepared to enter the city Jesus said that he thought many in Jerusalem would

    not accept him and his ministry. Even so, he said that he had the desire to gather your children together

    as a _____________, and you were not willing!

    Which statement below belongs in the blank above?

    A. mother dog gathers her pups to her side

    B. hen gathers her brood under her wings

    C. father protects his wife and his children

    D. shepherd gathers his flock

    (The answer is in Luke 13:34, NRSV.)

    Of all the people on earth, Christians ought to have

    smiles on their faces and be ready to laugh. After all, if

    God has defeated death by raising Christ from the dead,

    we have cause for joy at all times.

    After a long day at work, two ministers decided to take a

    walk before darkness came. As they walked, they told

    humorous stories and were soon laughing heartily. It felt

    so good, so therapeutic, that one pastor turned to the

    other and said, Theodore, lets kneel down and thank

    God for laughter.

    They did just that. Then they arose and went joyfully on

    their way.

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    I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 2 John 1:4 Theme Hymn Children of the Heavenly Father


    April 14, 2018

    Trinity Lutheran Church

    Tangible OfferingFor


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