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Is Intuitive Eating and health mutually exclusive?This article written by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD describes how one can honor their health while having permission to eat anything. There are three key components:1. Unconditional permission to eat2. Ability to rely on internal hunger and satiety cues.3. Ability to eat for physical, rather than emotional reasons.Published by Eating Disorders Recovery Today, Winter 2009.


Intuitive Eating: Can You Be Healthy and Eat Anything?Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDHow do you honor your health when you have permission to eat anything? How can french fries or a candy bar, for example, be considered adequate choices? These questions are a source of confusion for many of my patients, their families, and even practitioners. My message to them is that healthy eating includes having a positive relationship with food of all kinds. This means that meals are not a moral dilemma resulting in feelings of guilt and shame, but rather a place to practice tuning into ones inner needs and fulfilling those needs in a healthy, nurturing way. In my work, I call this practice, intuitive eating. While there are many ways of incorporating this process, there are three core characteristics: Unconditional permission to eat. Reliance on internal hunger and satiety cues. Eating for physical, rather than emotional reasons. Although most chronic dieters and disordered eaters have lost touch with these skills, the good news is that they can be relearned through attunementa process of listening and responding to your body cues, rather than focusing on rigid food rules. This means making decisions about eating based on what your body is experiencing. For example, upon experiencing a grumbling stomach (one of many hunger cues), you might respond by eating a snack, rather than withholding food because of a rigid rule stating, Its not okay to eat between meals. Being able to eat intuitively takes practice. How long depends on many factors, such the length of time you have been at war with food and your body, and your motivation to change. Ultimately, recovery from an eating disorder means learning how to eat normally, which includes the ability to eat a variety of foods, including fear foods, which are perceived as fattening and/or unhealthy. Its important to work with your treatment team to determine when and how to implement intuitive eating.

Intuitive Eating ResearchMany people fear that intuitive eating is synonymous with a junk food diet and poor health. On the contrary,


Eating Disorders Recovery Today

Winter 2009

studies show that trusting and satisfying have also demonstrated that anxiety ones physical hunger causes an increase increases stress chemicals in the blood, in well-being, both physically and which has a wide-range of negative efmentally. For example, Brigham Young fects on the body, from inflammation University researchers looked at the to depression. relationship between intuitive eating and the quality of the diet in 343 col- Applying Intuitive Eating to Your Life lege students. Their results did not inSo, how do you balance creating a dicate poor nutritional choices. Rather, positive rethese stulationship dents had with food, a greater Intuitive eaters were more optimistic, while also diversity had better self-esteem, and were less considerin eating, likely to internalize our cultures ing nutrimore satunrealistic thin ideal. tion? Sevisfaction, eral factors and healthcome to ier body mind: weights. In 2006, a larger study on nearly Getting in touch with your in1,300 college women by Tracy Tylka ternal satiety cues of hunger and from Ohio State University, demonfullness. strated similar findings. Intuitive eaters were found to be more optimistic, Discovering satisfaction in eathad better self-esteem, a lower body ing. mass index (BMI), and were less likely Using nutrition information withto internalize our cultures unrealistic out judgment. thin ideal. While these results may seem surprisMany times, healthy eating or ing, it is something that the French better nutrition is code for dieting. are well known forthey regularly Consequently, if you focus solely on consume foods considered fattening these factors, without considering your or unhealthy by American standards. internal body cues of what would best Ironically, the French also have some satisfy hunger, you can easily feel deof the lowest rates of obesity and heart prived. This in turn may increase cravdisease. ings and thoughts of food, overeating, In 1999, Paul Rozin from the Uni- dieting, and heighten anxiety around versity of Pennsylvania explored how snacks and meals. Try to answer these food functions in the minds and lives of questions when considering what to people from four countries: USA, Japan, eat: If I eat this food or meal now, will Belgium, and France (Japan was chosen it satisfy and sustain me? Is my body because the Japanese have the longest meal-hungry or snack-hungry? How life expectancy). Rozin found that do I want to feel physically afterwards? Americans have the greatest concern What have my past experiences shown about health and the most dissatisfac- me? tion with eating. They worry the most Answers to these questions will guide about fattening effects of food and asso- you on making the best food choices ciate it most with health and least with based on your bodys needs. Whatever pleasure. But the French were found to you decide to eat, take note if it met be the most pleasure-oriented and least your expectations, which helps to crehealth-oriented (hence the popular ate a meaningful learning experience. term French Paradox). These attitudes For example, if you were meal-hungry may be an important, yet overlooked and choose to drink a smoothiedid contributor to overall happiness. it sustain you until your next meal? Rozin concluded that worries and Given the same circumstances and what obsessions regarding diet might be you learned, would you make a similar counterproductive. Several studies choice? Paying attention to these exEating Disorders Recovery Today

periences will also help you build trust with your body. When you are attuned to your body, as well as armed with the knowledge that you can truly give it what it needs, you will possess the clarity to make effective choices. You will be able to ask yourself: If I am meal-hungry, would bags of potato chips truly satisfy and feel good physically? If I am ravenous, would only a salad meet my bodys needs? If I have a sweet tooth, would raspberries really curb my craving? When you can enjoy food with unconditional permission, the process of eating becomes emotionally neutraland you do not feel good or bad based on what you eat. You also understand that one meal will not make or break your health, or your weight. All too often, there is a negative perception regarding eating certain foods, resulting in guilt. But when judgment (and guilt) is removed, if youve eaten the wrong thing or too much, it is not a catastrophe from which to recover and/or perform nutritional penance. You are no longer caught up in these thoughts. Ultimately, intuitive eating feels good, which is self-reinforcing. Remember, when you can truly eat intuitively, it doesnt take much chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Sources:Hawks, ST et al. The relationship between intuitive eating and health indicators among college women. Am. J. Health Educ. 2006;26:322-324. Rozin, P. et al. Attitudes to Food and the role of food in the life in the USA, Japan, Flemish Belgium and France: Possible Implications for the Diet-Health debate. Appetite, 1999 (33):163-180. Tylka, TL. Development and psychometric evaluation of a measure of intuitive eating. J Counseling Psych, 2006; 53(2):226.m

Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD, is co-author of Intuitive Eating 2nd ed (2003) and the new audio companion with added material and guided practices: Intuitive Eating: A Practical Guide, released in January 2009.

Winter 2009


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