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Bridal Fall 2013


  • Trend ForcastingBridal Fall 2013

  • Table of ContentsBackcast 3

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  • Backcast2011- 2012

  • Texture is all you need

    In 2011 and 2012 the designers focused on texture. Dress-es were shown with blooming flower appliques, detailed beading, dazzling crystals, and 3-D details. The dresses had tight tops and billowing, textured skirts. Along with flowing and dramatic ball gowns, the other goal of the designers was to create a dress that made a bride feel subtilely sexy on her wedding day. Dresses were shown with high thigh slits, plunging backs, and body hugging mermaid gowns. The gowns were dramatic and detailed, full of different textures made with flowing fabrics. The colors of this season were far from traditional. The trend-

    est colors used were silver, blush, and most of all purple.

  • blush silverpurple

  • Mega Bridal TrendsFall 2013

  • Transformer

  • This trend is inspired by the growing trend for brides to have more then one dress at their wedding. The bride usually has one dress for the ceremony and another, eas-ier to move in dress for the reception. The dresses will be shown with detachable skirts, turning the dress from long to short. Also dresses will be shown with changeable tops, such as a sleeved lace crop top to wear over a strapless dress during the ceremony that would be removed dur-ing the reception. The dresses will be 2 in 1, giving the bride the luxury of coming off as having two dresses but only having to pay for one. The popular silhouettes will be ball gown and a-line silhouettes, with most of the dresses hitting at the natural waist line. The drivers of this trend are Oscar de la Renta who was showing detachable cape like covering in his 2013 spring bridal collection, as well as Reem Acra who had detachable skirts appear on the runway for his 2013 spring bridal collection. The dresses for this trend will be simple and traditional wedding dress colors, such as different shades of white, soft cool grays, and light warm browns.

  • white custard soft gray off white

  • All Natural

  • This trend is inspired by the ever growing eco-friendly world. Brides are not just going to be going green with wedding invitations and table settings, but also with their dresses. This trend inspired by the trend to take inspiration from the things one experiences in nature. The brides will look fash-ionable in their woodland inspired dress while also help-ing the planet stay clean. The dresses will be inspired by the feel and color of nature. They will be made with soft flowing fabrics that fit loosely to the body. The dresses will be made with natural eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Knit dresses will be hitting the runway as well as other dresses made with nontraditional wedding dress fabrics. The dresses will be light and mostly a-line silhouettes. The driver of this trend is the trend to go green in every aspect of ones life, as well as to rid the world of damaging and non-green materials and products. The colors used for the designs will be light neutral colors that can be found in nature such as soft browns, greens , and pinks, and the traditional white. This trend is bringing back the flower child look with a modern eco-friendly twist.

  • sage raw sugar bark pure white soft rose

  • Off Beat

  • The offbeat bride is a bride that wants to stray away from the traditional and create her own individual wedding style. The styles that will be shown are not just dresses but casual pantsuits and separates, taking away from the usual formal feel of a wedding. Styles will be shown in non-traditional colors such as red, inspired by the Indian bride, and other less dramatic colors such as shades of blue and pink. As well as dramatic colors, bridal wear will be shown with soft floral prints. The bridal wear will have colorful appliques and accents, giving the bride the unique touch that they are looking for. Although white will be used, the only full white styles that will be shown will be all white pantsuits and separates. The drivers of this trend are Vera Wang who showed several deep red and dramatic wed-ding dresses in her Spring 2013 bridal collection along with Oscar de la Renta who used light blue as a strong accent on his Spring 2013 bridal collection. The trend is fueled by the want to break away from the mainstream and let what you like inspire you rather then what is popular, sep-arating you from the rest of the world

  • rich red light pink sky blue white

  • Bridesmaids

  • Backcast 2011-2012

  • In 2011 and 2012 the trend over taking bridesmaids dress-es was a dress that could be worn again, due to the state of the economy. The dresses shown could easily be worn agian to other formal events making the money spent on the dress worth it. The trend was multifunctional cocktail dresses. Bridesmaids were seen in knee length cocktail dresses in dark shades of purple and blue, nutral nude tones and emerald green. strapless dresses ruled along with the growing trend of one shoulder straps. The dresses had simple silhouettes and mostly empire waists. Dresses were shown with elegant sashes and little ruffle detail.

    Now and Later

  • plum emerald nude blueberry

  • Megatrend: Printsfall 2013

  • As time goes on weddings are becoming less tradi-tional as the younger generations search to find their own and new definition of a modern wedding. In fall of 2013 bridesmaid dresses will be shown with pat-terns, straying away from the usual simple one col-ored bridesmaids dress. The printed bridesmaid dress-es will be worn by all bridesmaids or used to highlight the maid of honor, by having her wear a patterned dress and the others wear a single colored dresses. Floral prints will be most popular and the use of Aztec prints will also be prevalent. The dresses will be short dress that hit just above the knee that hit at the natu-ral waist. Strapless dresses will not be queen in 2013, thick straps and cap sleeves will be most popular. The colors that will be seen will be a range of fresh colors, from oranges and reds, to pinks, blues, and greens. This driver of this trend is younger generations want to define their generations way of doing weddings.

  • sherbet ruby red wild berry lime blue moon

  • sourceswww.pintrest.com