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Spring Summer 2012 collections


  • Spring/Summer2012Womans Wear

  • Sci-TribeSci-TribeSci-TribeSci-TribeSci-TribeSci-TribeSci-TribeSci-Tribe

  • Representation Fictional


    Aesthetic Eco-system

    Innovative Entity Synthetic


    Vibrant Green

    Technology Second-Life Manipulated Tribal Futuristic Organic


    Abstract Nature

    Virtual Universe

  • As the first decade of the new millennium has come to the end, everyone is ready for something

    new to evolve; post credit crunch and time to explore the

    new era of Sci-Tribe.

    Sci-Tribe explores the boundaries between technology and the natural environment to create a diverse worldly take on beauty. Technology has

    become an issue both socially and culturally. It has

    affected the way in which the world is evolving; life has become a world obsessed with perfection. As perfectibility

    has become an essential everyone has started to forget about the biological world. In order to produce more we are having to throw away more.

    Sci-tribe combines cutting edge technology with eco-friendly connotations. It engrosses a futuristic slant and evolves

    dominating silhouettes, including a vibrant colour palette which highlights

    fearlessness and driven force. This up and coming trend is all about the youthful lady who is ready to embrace the world and move forward in a technical and

    innovative style without creating damage along the way.


  • Contents Cyber-Tribe Page 3-10-Cyber Tribe Introduction -Cyber Tribe Mood Board-Cyber Tribe Key Pieces-Cyber Tribe Colour Pallette and Textiles

    Virtual Couture Page 11-20-Virtual Couture Introduction-Virtual Couture Colour Palette-Virtual Couture Mood Board-Virtual Couture key Pieces-Virtual Couture Textiles

    Primo Futro Page 21-28-Primo Futro Introduction-Primo Futro Mood Board-Primo Futro Key Pieces-Primo Futro Textiles and Colour Palette

    Faux Hedonism Page 29-36-Faux Hedonism Introduction-Faux Hedonism Mood Board-Faux Hedonism Key Pieces-Faux Hedonism Textiles and Colour Palette

    Index Page 37-42-Index


  • Cyber-Tribe


  • This trend explores the persistent stream of futuristic tribes, which is highlighted throughout with unconventional style.Cyber tribe supports the idea that the

    living environment as a whole has the same right to live and flourish as any future

    creation has.This Spring/Summer trend is Bright, Bold and innovative. It has great community spirit, using traditional metamorphic tribal pat-terns and combining them with vivid JPEG

    generation colours. The latest 2012 spring/summer trend oozes in passion. It

    uses effortless and sustainable solutions, which are not over

    powered by ideology and artificial materials; the majority of clothing can be

    made using synthetic fibres.Cyber tribe balances the importance of the ecosystem with upcoming technology as both of these factors are currently having a huge

    impact on consumer decisions.The key pieces are rich in primitive

    patterns and primordial prints with strong textures and resourceful effects such as

    fraying and weaving.The full skirt and the embellished palazzo pant appear to be the main key pieces for

    this flourishing trend; both are a flattering and can be worn no matter what

    size or shape. They burst with colours which have been taken from the original cultural tribal fashion and intensified to produce

    the cyber-tribe colour palette. This transition represents the old and the new,

    which defines technology; a constant

    changing entity.


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    An a



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  • Key Pieces


    Tabard Crop

    Shoulder Drape Maxi

    Deconstructed Jacquard Knit

  • 8Embellished Palazzo Pant

    One-Piece Wrap Dress

    Full Skirt

  • Colour Palette

    Pantone 109 C

    Pantone 369 C

    Pantone 2935 C

    Pantone 186 C

    Pantone 7525 C


  • TextilesPlain Weave With

    Raffiafil Coup

    Silk Lurex;Yarn

    semi sheer extra

    weft pattern

    Silk Plain Weave


  • Virtual Couture


  • 12

  • Virtual couture supports the idea of fictional idealism. With Avatar being

    released in 2010 it has had a huge impact on the future of technology and now it can

    be seen to have an impact on clothing.

    This trend is aimed at an innovative, contemporary market, it involves cutting edge style, with architecturally moulded shapes. It merges the real and virtual worlds together taking insight from architectures and interiors such as

    future systems. The inspiration can be seen in the Hourglass dress; one of the main key pieces. The clothes signify the

    time change from the present to the future; this represents the way in which we are living and how technology has

    transformed our emotions and actions in everyday life.

    The colour palette is strong and vibrant, using a surge of colours which would be associated with futuristic technology. Materials are layered one on top of the other to create a 2D/3D illusion. The clothing produces courageous, bold

    silhouettes which have high definition and morphasise the human body into an unknown



  • Colour Palette

    Pantone 2602 C

    PPantone 185 C

    Pantone 11 c

    Pantone 293 C


  • 15

  • 16

    Fiction Rev

    eals the Tr

    uth That R

    eality Obs


  • Key Pieces

    Hour Glass Dress

    Metallic Shine Straight Leg Pant


  • Sculptured Cut Off

    Cutting Edge Wedge


  • Textiles

    Hopsack with Gold


    Cotton Twill with

    Gold Foiling


    sculpted fabric


  • Shiny Metalic

    Soft Leathers


    Pannelled sheeth Leather


  • Primo Futro

    Primo Futro merges the ancient with the modern. It helps to advance the future by looking at old ideas from

    historical times. It mixes the prehistoric with a technical modern

    day aesthetic; Rough structures oppose the glow of

    polished surfaces to produce technologically primitive hybrids

    with base appeal. The clothes entail superior new shapes which explore the beginning of this design direction.The world is moving forward and transforming at a rapid speed

    therefore it is necessary to also take the time to reflect on how the

    world has revolutionised and how much it has transformed. Many consumers disagree with technology and believe that it

    is creating more pressure and aggravation than it is serving its

    duty.Primo Futro represents an

    intercultural world with raw fabrics which are open weaved or woven cut fringe trims; Patchwork and rustic off gauge combinations are a strong feature of this spring/summer 2012

    trend.The colour palette represents a

    chronological period; including rural brown, rustic orange, supple beige and foggy green, all of which fuse together to produce a faultless

    combination.Step out of the new and into the old

    with this fashion surge trend, reinvent your daily life.


  • 22

  • 23

    May the dreams of Your Past Be the Reality Of Your Future...

  • 24

  • Belted Tulip Mini

    Amalgamated Top

    Knotted Sandal


    Key Pieces

  • Leather Strapped Vest

    Crumpled Pull On

    Forest Pant


  • TextilesLadder Knit

    Twisted Paper

    Yarn; Basket


    Cotton & Linen

    Cloqu jacquard


  • Pantone 160 c

    Pantone 341 C

    Pantone 7510 C


    Colour Palette

    Pantone 1645 C

    Pantone 8321 C

  • Faux



    Faux Hedonism Faux hedonism aims to fuse luxury with sustainability to create the perfect balance for the environment and all

    living creatures.Hedonism embodies the idea that things can be done by minimising pain andmaximising the pleasure. This Spring

    Summer 2012 trend is all about reducing suffering and producing

    luxury. With consumers becoming more and more

    conscious about the environment, global warming and the life within in it, this trend is taking the consumer beliefs and processing them to produce

    the latest must have fashion items.

    Faux stands for artificial; it is a word which is becoming more familiar

    as the population are becoming responsive to the debate over real fur. Faux hedonism replaces these

    destructive materials with enviromentally beneficial ones

    such as plastic.The collection includes sophisticated casual wear, with illusory depictions of the body. The materials used have a

    high definition aesthetic; including shiny plastic coating and melted bubble surfaces. The colour palette is bright and powerful,

    perfect for spring/summer; including ice mints, aqua blues, strong reds, cool pinks and deep

    greens.The key pieces are

    bold and cutting edge, with a silhouette which embraces the body

    shape. Faux Hedonism makes a