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How to treat gall bladder stones with herbal medicines?

How to treat gall bladder stones with herbal medicines?

Gall bladder is also an important organ of body that aids in multiple functions such as digestion. It helps in secretion of bile juices so that the same may be supplied to the intestines for complete digestion and absorption of the fats consumed by the body. It means gall bladder helps in digestion of fatty as well as heavy foods.

Under normal circumstances, gall bladder keeps on working normally however hardening of the bile juices leads to deposition of small stones called as gall bladder stones. It is similar to kidney stones and is quite painful for the sufferer.

There is severe pain in the upper right side of the stomach as well as in the back and near the right shoulder. This condition may arise due to imbalance in the quantity of the bile juices. At the same time, improper and incomplete evacuation of the gall bladder may also be responsible for causing this health issue.

Mostly surgery is performed to cure this condition however it can also be treated with the help of herbal medicines that are available in the form of herbs or other naturally occurring ingredients. Let us have a brief look at some of these herbal remedies.

1. Ginger root or simply ginger which is commonly used by all is a very good herbal medicine or remedy for gall bladder stones. It helps in enhancing the absorption of cholesterol and at the same time production of bile acids. Consequently, the problem of gall bladder stones is treated and prevented automatically.

2. Milk thistle also proves to be quite efficient when it comes to removal and prevention of gall bladder stones. It helps in changing the composition of chemicals present in the gall bladder and hence prevents further formation of the stones.

3. All the parts of chicory herb including its flowers, seeds and roots are useful in treatment of gall bladder stones. Juice extracted from chicory when consumed regularly aids in dissolution of the gall bladder stones and ultimately their removal from the body.

4. You can also use alfalfa to remove as well as prevent further formation of gall bladder stones. It is due to balancing effect offered by this herb to the digestive system.

5. Artichoke leaves can be used to reduce the chances or risk of occurrence of gall bladder stones. It also aids in breaking down of the cholesterol depositedin the bile so that the stones may be easily removed from the gall bladder.

6. Turmeric is another ingredient that is commonly used in kitchens can also be used for curing the problem of stones in the gall bladder. It helps in improving flow of bile so as to relieve pain and other discomforts associated with this health issue.

7. Parsley which is rich in diuretic properties helps in increasing the urine output. This action is quite helpful in expulsion of the gall stones. At the same time, the stones are also dissolved with the help of this herb for their easy removal from the body.

8. Consuming herbal tea prepared from Dandelion herb also aids in reducing occurrence of gall bladder stones as well as their removal from the gall bladder.

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