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Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation Treads Newsletter 2013.



  • What exactly is the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation?

    The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire (SSTC) is a non-profit, non-government organization that is responsible for delivering a province-wide tire recycling program. Saskatchewan generates approximately one million tires a year and the SSTC ensures these tires are collected, processed, and recycled into useful, marketable items.

    What if there was no recycling program in Saskatchewan?

    Prior to the SSTC program, almost all of these tires ended up in local landfills as domestic waste. Tires were stockpiled, buried or even burned. Tire dumping was a common disposal option and many tires were found along roadside ditches.

    Since its inception in 1996, the SSTC has diverted more than 20,000,000 tires from improper disposal. Thats a lot of tires. If all

    the tires produced in Saskatchewan were placed flat, side by side, the tires would span across the largest part of the province over 30 times!

    How are we able to do what we do?

    Not only has the SSTC diverted more than 20,000,000 tires, we have removed tires from more than 300 landfills, removed tire stockpiles from private property and farm land in 81 municipalities through the Black Gold Rush project, and given back to over 65 communities through our Community Demonstration Grant Program.

    Consumers make all this possible by paying a small Tire Recycling Fee (TRF) when they buy new tires. All funds collected are used to keep current generation scrap tires out of the waste stream and allow us all to live in a clean and healthy environment.

    ANNUAl PUblIC MEETING 2012DATE: Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    TIME: 9:00 AM

    PlACE: This meeting is taking place as an online Webinar.

    Please register with SSTC in order to participate by calling the SSTC at (306) 721-8473 or emal to info

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    Meet Mandy... one of SSTCs Unsung Heroes!

    When Mandy had the tires on her vehicle changed, she was happy

    to pay SSTCs Tire Recycling Fee. She knew when her

    new tires were ready to be replaced, that they would be disposed of properly!

    Thanks amillion, Mandy!


  • The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) is serious about collecting used tires and recycling them into products that make our lives better. The SSTC program focuses on capturing tires at the retailer location before they have a chance to become stockpiled on farmland and in communities and RMs across Saskatchewan.

    While consumers are always encouraged to leave their old tires with the retailer when new ones are purchased (so they can be captured immediately and directed to recycling), we know that some scrap tires make their way to peoples sheds and garages.

    To offer a solution, SSTC piloted its Return2Retailer program in Regina in 2012. With the help of Reginas Canadian Tire, Kal Tire and Quality Tire locations, thousands of tires were collected, keeping them out of the landfill and

    providing tens of thousands of pounds of raw materials for recyclers in the province.

    In 2013, Return2Retailer was formally launched in more locations of the province. New communities served will include Yorkton, Melville, Canora, Swift Current, Rosetown, and Kindersley.

    Private citizens of these areas will be able to drop off up to 10 rimless tires for recycling at absolutely no charge at the participating Canadian Tire, Kal Tire, Quality Tire, and West Central Tire and Auto locations. Added up, thats 18 R2R Retailers across the province.

    Learn more about the Return2Retailer and the great work that the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation does by visiting them on the web at


    IS bACK FOR 2013


  • ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) could not do what it does without the help of the communities in which its programs operate. To give back to those communities, and to spread the message of the incredible products that are made with recycled tires, the SSTC awards Community Demonstration Grants each year for projects which utilize recycled rubber products. These grants can provide up to $5,500 towards the purchase and installation of recycled rubber products for inclusion in playgrounds, sports arenas, public areas, and more.

    The grants are available to municipalities, registered non-profit groups or organizations, schools, First Nations and Mtis communities, and other organizations for projects in one of two categories. The first category is for projects which include granular products such as playground crumb or landscaping mulch. The second category is for projects utilizing manufactured materials such as patio tiles, athletic surfacing, roof shingles, or other products.

    To date, there have been more than 65 projects across Saskatchewan completed with the help of Community Demonstration Grants. These projects have ranged from pool decking at the Wilkie swimming pool, to rubber mats for the Vonda community arena, and playground paving and playground crumb for schools, communities, and daycares across Saskatchewan.

    The application deadline for 2013 grants is May 31. Once all of the applications are received, a committee chooses several projects for funding, and the projects are given the green light. All funds must be used by December 31, 2013. If you have a project that you would like to have considered for a grant, or you know of someone who could benefit from a grant, apply today. To learn more about Community Demonstration Grants, or to download an application form, visit


  • Black Gold Rush, the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporations (SSTC) scrap tire cleanup program, continues to be well received by Saskatchewan residents. The East-Central cleanup concluded in December 2012, cleaning up private stockpiles of scrap tires from 25 rural municipalities.

    In 2012, the Black Gold Rush program collected 104,794 tires from farms and private land at no cost to the landowner. Thats more than 5.6 million pounds of tire material that was turned over to tire recyclers to be made into useful materials.

    SSTC is already moving forward in the next area of the program which will target 32 municipalities in North-East Saskatchewan. This area is the most ambitious yet, including 32 RMs and the cities of Prince Albert and Melfort, as well as 11 First Nations communities.

    Black Gold Rush also provides fundraising opportunities to community

    groups who wish to help with the program. Two options are available to community groups: either collecting tires directly from landowners property, or organizing a central collection point. Community groups are paid per tire collected or organized.

    In 2012, the Harris & District Lions Club worked alongside the RM of Harris, No. 316 to send more than 4.000 tires to the recycler. The Lions Club had recently made a $10,000 commitment to furnish a room in the new Rosetown Long Term Care Centre. The funds earned through the BGR program helped the club meet over half of that commitment. This was a great project for our local Lions Club, we had a lot of fun and the municipality was rid of several thousand old tires! said Jim Angus of the Lions Club.

    Visit to learn more about the program or to learn how you can get involved as well.

    blACK GOlD RUSH - UPDATE Black Gold Rush Collects 2800 Tons of Waste Material, Provides Opportunity to Community Groups

    SSTC DASHbOARD SASKATCHEWAN SCRAP TIRE CORPORATION BY THE NUMBERS | JANUARY - DECEMBER 2012/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    1,545,569 TIRES SOLD


    19.6 Million RECYCLED POUNDS

    Equates to 981,378 passenger car tire equivalents

  • Assiniboia Rubber Recycling (ARR) was born when a group of local investors purchased the Canadian operations of Permalife Products. Operating two plants located in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, ARR specializes in turning whole tires into a variety of crumb rubber products. These products include landscape mulch, playground crumb, and infill for sports fields, as well as rubber used in rubber modified asphalt.

    ARRs recycling process separates the rubber from the steel belts in tires through the use of freezing, hammer mills and many levels of magnetic and physical separation to ensure safe consumer ready

    products. ARR can also modify the colour of the rubber from black into any colour imaginable, from brown to green, blue, red and more.

    As one of the worlds leading suppliers of sports-field infill rubber, ARR has supplied recycled scrap tire material to stadiums and sports fields across North America, including Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, and our own Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field. The same product has also been used in soccer fields and other sports fields in Saskatchewan.

    ARR generates a lot of material for use in

    rubber modified asphalt which is growing in use in Canada, providing road surfaces that are smoother for driving, more resistant to cracking, and much quieter than other road surfaces. Roads made with rubber modified asphalt are so quiet that many municipalities have discovered they can save millions of dollars on sound barriers with the product.

    Assiniboia Rubber Recycling is a leader in the industry, providing