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  • UI UX feedbackFor

    *Very basic feedback from my perspective

  • Case 1

  • A1



    Page: Bus selection screen

  • A1:It is not matches with one of the UX principle Create a visual hierarchy that matches the user's needsI selected depart sorting , there is no point in showing depart and arrive in bold letters.

    Show sorted one (either depart time / arrival time)in bold to emphasis it

    A2:There is no clarity in showing facility and amenities. Even after clicking the bus, nowhere it is showing.This problem can be solved in one of the following way, we can minimize the fonts and grouping with respect to the priorities

    A3:The very important flaw is, there is no filter option for choosing the bus. (selecting ac/ non ac etc.,). This may lead the userin uncomforted zoneI have checked all other competitors m site, they have intuitive filter option to choose it

    UX UI flaws and solution

  • Case 2

  • B3


    Page: Seat selection screen

  • B2:Seat selection indicator is important, but there is no point in occupying the whole space, and the same information is being repeated in the information icon

    thought this icon shows bus amenities and other info but it totally wasting the space and occupies unnecessarily

    B3:Seating showcase is totally confuses the user, if they want to book nearby seat with lower and upper combinationConsider the following use case, Ram want to book for 3 children and 2 elder people. (totally 5 ). He want to chose lower berth for elder and upper berth for children.

    Steps he need to follow is, - Check the availability by clicking separately lower and upper- He need to remember the order of the berth he choses for elder people in lower- Same order he need to follow for booking in upper section

    (it will make the user in frustration )

    UX UI flaws and solution

  • Accumulating it in one screen makes the user, feel more comfortable to choose.And they can visualize easily

    ** just a visualizing low fidelity mockup

  • Case 3

  • C1

  • C1:After choosing the seats, by entering each time for the user detail makes really this portion is not user friendly.Because by entering with this time, there is a chance for some other user to book my selected seat.This can be resolved by following steps:- After choosing the seats, we can show the timer to the user that chosen seats are on hold- We can ask name, email, age, sex to the primary traveler and other users name, age and sex (in separate page)

  • Other micro interaction area to improve (website)

    Could have been done separate popup and slide modal window

    It is not obvious as available in other competitor sites

  • Too much information will confuse the user, though filter is most important. It should not hide the other information.My solution will be, we can show case the filter option separately in left side of the page in website

    One of the simplified solution for filter will be left side.(other option would be shown at top with minimal area occupy )

  • End of the UI UX feedback


    App checked in : HTC android , Blackberry Z10 and desktopPlatform: Mobile site ( and website