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    Travelers Adda Xplorer Editors Note Since we have good response from our readers and members, we have are motivated to do new things and with new ideas - Im very glad to present another edition of Xplorer. The Inaugural Edition of Xplorer already viewed around 10,000 times. There have been things throughout previous quarter that have made a good impact on our community. This quarter Travelers Adda Team has given enough effort to provide you some good chunk of information. Our team size has also increased and getting more mature and streamlined every day. We have also edited and made minor changes to the travelogues provided by members to fit correctly by adding or removing some least important contents without deviating from actual theme.

    There have been so many events done this quarter. Ive personally selected one as the best one and that was a visit to Gopiballavpur with three of our members Bhaskar, Kaustav and Manojit. It was special because apart from enjoying the beauty of a village and River Subarnarekha, it was a trip that was covered on Rail by Bhaskar and Manojit and through Road on Motorbike by Kaustav and me.

    Apart from traveling a contest Post and Win has also introduced. Coming quarter we have plans to start more contests to higher fun of winning useful stuffs.

    I am also very proud to introduce our two new moderators, Kaustav Ganguly (Kolkata Modarator) and Shubham Bairy (Tamilnadu Modarator). Kaustav is a Trek hunter and loves photography like nothing whereas Shubham is a hardcore biker and loves not only riding bikes but traveling on bike. Kaustav also loves traveling on bikes when its not about trekking. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce these two guys.

    In this quarter we have introduced few more contents to Xplorer. Along with Trip of the month there are Heritage, Lazy Weekend, Exploring India, Around the world and Travel Guru. These have been introduced for our readers who have been shown their interests on these new topics.

    Throughout this we Im also feeling proud to let you know that we have 1000+ fan followings in Facebook. Im extremely thankful to Manojit Pati for his tremendous effort and interest on building this traveling brotherhood among the community. Its only his affinity towards traveling which gives

    Suryajit Bhattacharya

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    3 Editors Note

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    24 Travelography Suryajit Bhattacharya


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    Kumaon by Agnimitra Chowdhuri

    Kumaon is a land of snow capped mountains and glaciers, valleys, verdant forests and Alpine meadows, lakes and streams, birds and animals, all combine to make a beautiful and scenic place elsewhere.

    Day1 (11-Dec-11) Kathgodam-Binsar:

    We have started our journey for this beautiful land from Kolkata on 9-Dec-2011. We reached Kathgodam around 5 AM via Delhi on 11-Dec-2011. We (three people) hired an Alto at 1500/- per day including food and lodging of the driver for 7 days.

    We started for Binsar (130 KM) at 5.30 AM. The main route to Binsar was blocked due to landslide; we took another route via Bhimtal, Ramgarh. We took a

    short break at Bhimtal, a natural lake in Nainital district. It was very cold almost 2-3C. We enjoyed sunrise on Bhimtal Lake. We saw the Himalayan peaks for the first time from Ramgarh. It was a fantastic feeling. We got down from the car spend sometimes there. We took our breakfast at Ramgarh bazzar.

    We reached Binsar Sanctuary police check post around 12:30 PM. Entry fees to the sanctuary were 150 rupees per head and 250 for car (including fee of driver). Binsar KMVN rest

    house is 12 KM from the check post. It was an amazing journey through the dense forest.

    Binsar (2412 meter) is situated on top of Jhandidhar hills under Binsar Sanctuary in Almora district. Its very quiet place and surrounded with dense Himalayan flora. The main attraction of Binsar is that here one can see wide range (almost 300 KM) of panoramic; snow capped famous Himalayan peaks like Nandaghunti, Trishul, Nandadevi, Nandakot, Panchachuli.



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    The KMVN resort view point offers an excellent view of Himalayas. There is no electricity in the sanctuary. Even there is no market or shops. You can get 1 bucket of hot water in the morning to bath. The resort has its own generator but they run it in the evening from 5 to 8 PM for dinner. You can charge batteries at that time only.

    After having lunch we started walking to zero point. It is 2 KM from KMVN resort. It is very nice feelings walking through green dense, quiet forest of Oak, Far, Pine, Deodar trees with the flutter of birds. You can see moss, hanging from trees. We went to the sunset point. The point is surrounded with very dense forest. The sunset point is almost 1 KM from the KMVN resort.

    We returned to resorts view point to enjoy sunset on Himalayas but the peaks were covered with clouds. At the evening we spent sometimes in the view point. It was next day of full moon. It was a great feeling to see forest and hills in moon light.

    Day2 (12-Dec-11) Binsar-Choukari:

    The Sun usually rises up around 6:45 AM. We wake up early in the morning. It was very cold. We went to the resort view point to see sunrise. It looked very nice to see the Sun rises up through the wide Himalayan valley.

    After having bath & breakfast, we started exploring the forest. We went to the sunset point and from there we took a narrow walking route going

    down. The route was full of dry leaves. We had heard that the sanctuary is full of fauna mainly Leopard, Himalayan black beer, Ghoral, Barking deer, Wild Boar, Monkey, Musk deer etc. But

    fortunately or unfortunately we have seen only monkeys and some birds.

    We left Binsar towards Choukari at 12:30 PM. The distance to Choukari via shortcut to Paleo Bend, Dhaul China is almost 105 KM. We planned to reach Choukari via Patal Bhubneswar (1350 meter).

    Again, the road is very beautiful between the hills surrounded by mainly Pines trees. We took our launch at Sheraghat, situated near the bank of Saryu River.

    We reached Patal

    Bhubneswar around 4:30 PM via Raiagarh (distance almost 110 KM from Binsar). Its a natural limestone cave. It usually remains open from 9 AM to 5 PM. But due to cold weather, the cave was closed. After a lot of requests, the guide was agreed to open the cave. The cave entrance was very narrow. We entered into the cave

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    by crawling and holding a chain. The cave has created various spectacular stalactite and stalagmite figures of various forms. The original cave leads to the different caves through different tunnels. The guide charge was 50/-. Photography was not allowed inside the cave. After having tea at Bhubneswar market we left for Choukari (distance almost 40 KM).

    Day3 (13-Dec-11) Choukari: Choukari (2010 meter) is a

    small, peaceful, beautiful, hill station in the Pithoragarh district. The famous peaks like Mrigthumi, Maiktoli, Nandadevi, Nandakot and Panchachuli are distinctly visible from here.

    We wake up early in the

    morning to enjoy the Sun rise. It was a fantastic sunrise I ever had.

    Some of peaks like Mrigthumi, Maiktoli were not fully visible from the KMVN

    resort because a nearby hill was covering them. We got a fantastic view of Himalayas through a wide green Himalayan valley from that hill top.

    After having bath and breakfast, we went to the Musk

    Deer Center. The distance of the center from the KMVN resort is 4 KM. It is 2 KM by car and then 2 KM of walk to go to the hill top. It was a splendid walk through the

    narrow walking road surrounded by trees and keeping eyes on Himalayas.

    After having lunch, we started walking to the Himalaya Public School. The students were studying in open air in the

    sunlight due to the winter season. We went to a valley. The Himalayas were looking heavenly from there.

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    It was a marvelous feeling far away from hectic city life. We returned to the resort after the sunset. Day4 (14-Dec-11) Choukari-Munshiyari:

    We left Choukari towards Munshiyari after having breakfast (distance almost 100 KM). Another beautiful journey started by the side of Ramganga River. We reached Birthi Falls around 12:00 noon. You have to ride 125 meter slope to reach near the falls. The falls was creating rainbow on its wall where it was breaking out. We reached Kalamuni top (2895 meter) around 1 PM. Its the highest point in the route. A stunning view of the Panchchuli peaks greeted us. We took a break there. Every turn from Kalamuni top brings a fresh view of Panchachuli, often better than the previous.

    We reached Munshiyari (2200 meter) around 2:30 PM. Munshiyari is situated in a valley on the banks o