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  • 1. offers a D GU ARANTEE 22% SAVINGS on Your Commercial Trash/Waste Reduce operating costs Sharpen your core business focus Greener and Cleaner more attractive property Re-direct maintenance labor hours Easy to Implement Design Build Manage
  • 2. Dear Valued Client: Revenues. We all want more. Where do you find them in markets with flat growth? For now, we look within. The current global economic slowdown is presenting unprecedented challenges and businesses are looking for significant reductions to their cost base as they decrease their capital expenditure. In short, companies are searching for ways to clean up the waste. Turning to Terra Pacific will save you immediately on your commercial trash/waste services. Stop sifting through the confusing flood of products and services from commercial waste haulers/consultants that promise cost and time savings, which are either minuscule or unrealized. We deliver what we promise, a total cost of ownership with the proven ability to demonstrate a substantial overall cost savings. Our 22% Savings GuaranteeTM gives you this unprecedented savings today. Its the quick and easy solution representing a significant value for your portfolio. At Terra Pacific, we have been doing just this for more than 35 years and have successfully delivered managed waste solutions to more than 5000 companies nationwide. Our services go beyond just taking your trash away. We make you greener and cleaner while maintaining the savings weve just achieved. The key to achieving these substantial savings is that we are not a trash hauler, rather the Trash Czar, setting the industry standards for efficient and green waste management. We welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you in detail. - Jeff Menke President Terra Pacific Waste Management Green business is todays buzz...but enabling greening is a challenge we excel at making into reality. Our strategic approach in trash reduction and diversion is the first, simple step towards becoming a greener business. And we save you money too! Jeff Menke, President, Terra Pacific Waste Management.
  • 3. Trash removal has become more complex. Throwing it AWAY costs you valuable GREEN... The current waste handling and trash model doesnt work anymore! Simply put, it does not address the reduction of trash volume or taking more recyclables out of the waste stream. At Terra Pacific Waste Management, we bring our 35 years of experience to clean up the mess and deliver solutions and savingsa 22% cost reduction, guaranteed. How does Terra Pacific guarantee trash savings? Perform an in-depth analysis of your existing trash service Utilize our waste handling expertise to reduce your overall footprint of trash Provide recycling and waste diversion solutions Why use Terra Pacific? Our service requires no capital investment - an immediate ROI You are throwing away more than trash, i.e., recyclables, labor costs and management time = money Terra Pacific guarantees results DESIGN + Wastescaping + MANAGE = Trash Czar BUILD Auditing Terra Pacific Waste Management provides expertise across diverse property segments: Apartment Buildings / Communities Industrial & Multi-tenant Complexes Private Institutions Retail Shopping Centers Recreational Sites Corporate Office Buildings Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Hotels and Resorts Property Management Companies School Districts, Universities Government/Public Buildings Developer and Architect Start today with a Risk-Free NO COST property analysis
  • 4. Additional services offered by Terra Pacific Bulk Item / E-Waste Removal Pressure Washing (Corrals & Trash Rooms) Eviction / Trash-Out Service Trash Compactor Repair & Maintenance Recycling / Waste Diversion Programs Provide Waste Handling Equipment Trash Chute Fire Inspection/Repairs Complete Trash Bill Audits and On-Site Surveys Dedicated Trash Porter Invoicing for easy Tenant Bill-back (RUBS; CAM) Printed with Soy Ink and 100% Recycled Paper 3901 East Miraloma Avenue Anaheim, California 92806 Start today with a Risk-Free NO COST property analysis: 800.765.1308