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  • Transportation Planning


    Dr. Dr. PurnimaPurnima ParidaParida HoDHoD & Principal Scientist& Principal Scientist CSIRCSIR--Central Road Research InstituteCentral Road Research Institute New DelhiNew Delhi--2525

    CSIRCSIR--CRRI, June 19CRRI, June 19thth, 2012, 2012

  • PPRESENTATIONRESENTATION OUTLINEOUTLINE  Divisional Staff  Review of Projects Review of Projects  Staff Deployment  Papers Papers  ECF generation  Future Activities Future Activities





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    0 In House Planned Projects Consultancy Consultancy-Completed


    S. No Number Start Target In‐House  (On going)

    Name of the Project

    Transport Planning Division Projects

    S. No Number Date Date

    1 OLP‐0445 Jun‐10 May‐12

    2 OLP‐0450 Jun‐10 May‐12

    Name of the Project

    Assessment of Human (Driver ) response to Vibration (PL‐ Nasim Aktar)

    Road Noise Modelling for Delhi (PL‐Nasim Aktar)

    3 OLP‐0469 Jun‐10 May‐12

    4 OLP‐0462 Mar‐09 Dec‐11

    Nasim Aktar) Impact of Vibration and Noise on Driver Fatigue and Psychomotor Abilities (PL‐Nasim Aktar)

    Evaluation of Operational Efficiency of Highway Network Using Travel Time Reliability Measures (PL Dr C Ravi Sekhar)

    5 OLP‐506 Aug‐10 Aug‐12

    Travel Time Reliability Measures (PL‐Dr. C. Ravi Sekhar)

    Micro simulation based driving cycle in Delhi City for

    Travel Time Related Performance Measures for Evaluation of Sustainable Road Transportation System (PL‐Dr. C. Ravi Sekhar)

    6 OLP‐504 Sep‐2010 Sep‐2012

    7 OLP‐511 Jan‐2012 Mar‐2013

    Micro simulation based driving cycle in Delhi City for sustainable transport system (PL‐Dr. Ravindra Kumar) Effect of headway due to type of lead vehicle for urban and non‐ urban North East Region– A case study in two city in North East region (PL‐Dr. Ravindra Kumar)

    8 OLP ‐505 Aug‐2010 Aug‐2012

    9 OLP Jul‐2011 Jun‐2012

    Estimating the carbon footprint of commuting in urban areas (PL‐Dr.Kirti Bhandari, TM‐Dr Mukti Advani) Effect of Bypass road on traffic and habitants along highway (PL‐Dr Mukti Advani)

    g ( )

    10 OLP‐507 Aug‐2010 Aug‐2012Development of Multimodal Level of service (MMLoS) measure for urban roads of India (PL‐Dr Mukti Advani)


    12 SIP 030 Apr 07 Jun 12 Development of Road User Cost Models for Multi‐Lane Divided High Speed Corridors (SML Dr S Velmurguan TL Dr E Madhu

    Planned Projects ‐ (On going)

    12 SIP‐030 Apr‐07 Jun‐12

    13 12FYP Apr‐12 Mar‐17

    High Speed Corridors (SML‐Dr S Velmurguan, TL‐Dr E Madhu, TL‐Dr K Ravinder)

    12FYP Project: ELSIM (PL‐Dr Purnima Parida)

    14 12FYP Apr‐12 Mar‐17

    15 12FYP Apr‐12 Mar‐17

    12 FYP Project: SUSTRANS (PL‐Dr E Madhu)

    12 FYP Project: INDO‐HCM ( Co.PL‐Dr K. Ravinder)


    16 CNP‐1812 Jan‐12 Jul‐12Traffic Studies for Junction Improvement of Major Road

    Consultancy ‐ (On going)

    16 CNP 1812 Jan 12 Jul 12

    17 CNP‐1675 Jan‐11 Dec‐12

    Traffic and Transportaion Studies for Port Blair City ( PL‐Dr E

    Corridor in Ahmedabad ( PL‐Dr Purnima Parida)

    Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Studies of Goa ( PL‐ Dr K Ravinder)

    18 CNP‐1803 Nov‐11 Aug‐12

    19 CNP‐1842 Apr‐12 Jun‐13

    Traffic and Transportaion Studies for Port Blair City ( PL Dr E Madhu) EUTRAIN: European Transport Research Area International cooperation activities (PL‐Dr E.Madhu) N i & Vib ti St d l th M t id i lt l k

    20 CNP‐1657 Jun‐10 May‐12

    21 CNP‐1704 Jun‐10 May‐12

    Noise & Vibration Study along the Metro corridor in salt lake city, Kolkata (PL‐Nasim Aktar) Suggesting Noise & Vibration Control measures due to Metro Tunnel at Taj Hotel Resorts & Places, Dwarka, Delhi (PL‐Nasim

    22 CNP‐1818 Jun‐10 May‐12


    Remedial measures for noise & vibration control at Tapan Sinha memorial hospital,Metro Rail ,Kolkata (PL‐Nasim Aktar)

    23 CNP‐1808

    Road Safety Audit of Dasve Road Network in Lavasa to Comply

    Noise /Vibration assessment in central Secretariat Kashmere Gate corridor of Phase‐III of DMRC (PL‐Nasim Aktar)

    25 CNP‐ May‐12 Oct‐12 y p y

    the Pre‐Conditions set by Environmental Impact Assessment Expert Appraisal Committee (PL‐Dr K Ravinder)


    26 GAP‐4495 Jul‐11 Jan‐12 Evaluation Study on Use of OSV and Dust Monitoring of Safety Management at Construction Site of BMRC (PL‐Dr CH Ravi

    Consultancy‐ (Completed)

    26 GAP‐4495 Jul‐11 Jan‐12

    27 CNP‐1844 May‐12 Jun‐12 Feasibility Study on requirement of Pedestrian Underpass/Vehicular Underpasses between Palanpur‐Deesa‐

    Management at Construction Site of BMRC (PL‐Dr .CH.Ravi Shekar)

    y Jp / p p Radhanpur section of NH‐14 & NH‐15 (PL‐Dr.K.Ravinder)


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    0 Journal Conferences

  • SSIGNIFICANTIGNIFICANT AACHIEVEMENTSCHIEVEMENTS Dr Purnima Parida  Quantitative LOS values & Qualitative parameters for Pedestrian Facilities (Sidewalks) identified in

    research project were incorporated in IRC code 103 on Pedestrian Facilities. The code was released in 197th Council meeting at Agartatl in May 2012. Member H 8 Urban Roads & streets Indian Roads Congress Member H-8, Urban Roads & streets., Indian Roads Congress

     Invited to deliver presentation in International Conference on Mobility for the Future of Sustainable Cities. Organized by ICLEI, at Changwon, South Korea, 22nd -24th October, 2011

     Organized workshop on ‘Issues & Strategies for Non Motorized Transport Modes’, Jan 23rd, 2012.  Guest speaker in the training program on Sustainable Development organized by WAPCOS India Guest speaker in the training program on Sustainable Development, organized by WAPCOS India

    Ltd, on Sustainable Development in Transportation, 24th June 2012 Dr Errampalli Madhu  IRC Bihar Medal for 2011  ASRTU Best Paper Award for 2010 given in 2011 ASRTU Best Paper Award for 2010 given in 2011  Invited Lecture at Tamil Nadu Police Academy Dr Ravindra Kumar  CSIR-CRRI Young Scientist Award

    B t Hi di P t ti d P t A d Best Hindi Presentation and Poster Award Dr K. Ravinder  IRC Bihar Medal for 2011  ASRTU Best Paper Award for 2010 given in 2011  Honorary Secretary for IUT (2012-2014)  Invited Member for IRC Manual on Traffic and Transportation Instrumentation Dr Ch.Ravi Sekhar  CSIR-CRRI Young Scientist Award CSIR CRRI Young Scientist Award 


     Noise & Vibration Studies along Metro Corridor in Kollkata (18  lakhs)a s)

     Noise & Vibration Study for flyovers in Mumbai. (pipeline)   In House project submitted : Identification of factors affecting in mode In House project submitted : Identification of factors affecting in mode 

    choice decision of women commuters with respect to public transport and non‐ motorized transport modes.( Dr Mukti Advani & Dr Purnima Parida)

    A l i d St d di ti f E W i Analysis and Standardization of Expressway Weaving  Sections in India (In house project in pipeline by Dr K Ravinder  Dr E Madhu & Dr S Velmurugan)Dr E Madhu & Dr S Velmurugan)

     Papers Publication  12 FYP related activities w r t to First Year deliverables 12 FYP related activities w.r.t to First Year deliverables  On –going Consultancy/ in house projects


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