Transportation Planning and Project Prioritization

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<p>The Age of the Location Platform</p> <p>Transportation Planning and Project Prioritization</p> <p>Start with the end in mind1</p> <p>Value PropositionEsris Planning and Project Prioritization approach equips transportation planning leaders and stakeholders to maximize the value returned on every transportation dollar invested. </p> <p>It accomplishes this by informing planning stakeholders, prioritizing the need, integrating efforts, and driving continuous improvement into the planning and selection process.</p> <p>Start with the end in mind2</p> <p>Key Element #1: The Modern App Economy Suite of Targeted Apps</p> <p>Narrow FunctionalityIntuitiveEasy to UseConnected Built on a Common Location Platform</p> <p>3</p> <p>Key Element #2: Suite of Apps Support Organized Planning WorkflowsContinuous Improvement</p> <p>Discuss / Describe each workflow4</p> <p>Workflows Supported by a Suite of Planning Apps Accessed through ArcGIS Online</p> <p>WorkflowsArcGIS OnlineApps</p> <p>5</p> <p>Develop an Implementation Plan for the entire Planning Solution</p> <p> - AND -</p> <p>Deploy a Quick-Win App to Build Momentum</p> <p>Getting Started</p> <p>Apps</p> <p>Discuss / Describe each workflow6</p>


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