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    Stephen McFarlaneRegional & Local Transport Delivery - DfT

  • Transport Innovation FundTop slice of DfT funding for packages which help DfT achieve key objectives:supporting the costs of smarter, innovative local transport packages that combine demand management measures, such as road pricing, with modal shift and better bus services; andsupporting the funding of regional, inter-regional and local schemes that are beneficial to national productivity.

  • The ChallengesInternational competition Europe, development of Chinese & Indian economiesEconomic growth more people travelling further, greater consumption of goodsCongestion getting worse and spreading to new areas and longer periods. Impacting on economic growth and productivity

  • Money helps

  • But money only goes so farWe cannot build our way out of problems on the road networks, but doing nothing is not an optionThere are effective policies to change travel behaviourworkplace travel plans can reduce commuter car driving by 10-30%school travel plans can reduce traffic by 8-15%But they are not enough on their own

  • Road PricingThe Road Pricing Feasibility Study (July 2004) - a national road pricing scheme could cut urban congestion by halfNational scheme cannot be done overnight so we are working with local authorities to pilot a major local road pricing scheme first. Supporting through the Transport Innovation Fund.

  • TIF - m : 2008 2014

  • -5 July 2005 Alistair Darlingwe are prepared to ensure that up to 200 million a year is ultimately available to support such local pilots. If more good schemes emerge, more can be made available.

  • Full TIF Guidance - January 2006Outlined how local authorities can bid for demand management and public transport investment packages from TIF.Made clear that the majority of funding for road pricing packages. Other forms of demand management such as Workplace Parking Levy considered only by exception.

  • 200508 : PumpprimingThe complexity of developing an effective, fair road pricing scheme is a major hurdle for local authorities.Many do not have the capacity to take forward modelling and scheme development. As a precursor to TIF DfT set aside 18m over 3 years for local authorities to support initial scheme development. So far 7 areas have been awarded pump-priming.

  • Multi-centred sub-regionConsidering Road Pricing in Bristol, and other forms of demand management in other centresPrevious experience of developing road pricing schemeGreater Bristol (former Avon unitary authorities)

  • CambridgeHistoric city but facing congestion problems associated with growth outside the city centreConsidering pricing across the urban areaComplementary bus service improvements and softer demand management.

  • DurhamSmall historic city with centre in loop in the riverFirst congestion charge in UK pricing on a single street in the centreConsidering widening the scope of the scheme.

  • Greater ManchesterMajor city region and economic driver for the North of EnglandConsidering how pricing could allow city to accommodate projected growthClosely linked to ambitions to expand light rail and other transport networks.

  • SHROPSHIRE (SHREWSBURY)Small rural city experiencing congestion in its small historic centreNatural boundary created by loop in the river with only 4 routes into the centreConsidering some road capacity increase, public realm improvements and buses.

  • Tyne and WearSub region regenerating after long period of economic declineCurrent low levels of car ownership expected to grow with prosperity

  • West MidlandsMajor city region centred on Birmingham, experiencing significant congestionConsidering potential for distance based road pricingLinked to investment in light and heavy rail, buses etc.

  • LondonNot a pump-primed authority London already has a central London road pricing scheme, with Western Extension to be implemented in early 2007.Working closely with DfT on Congestion TIF bid, likely to focus around a town centre pilot scheme outside central London.Intention will be to use the pilot to develop a demonstration congestion charge scheme using tag and beacon in a congested area.Scheme package is expected to include improved public transport, walking and cycling, green travel plans and environmental improvements.

  • Future of TIF SchemesThis is a competitive process. We do not expect to fund all of these packages.Potentially controverial it presents a significant risk for local authorities.Hope to have the first schemes up and running in 4 5 years.

  • Any Questions? 7944 6120