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  • TranslationalResearchinCarbonFibreandCompositesandtheFactoryoftheFuture


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    About Swinburne

    Advanced Manufacturing & Design Centre ($100M)

    Swinburnes new home for design and innovation

    Factory of the Future Design Factory Pilot Plant facility for micro-photonics/solar materials

  • Swinburne Research and Innovation Ecosystem

  • Industry4.0isdescribedasthefourthindustrialrevolutionandutilizesrecentadvancesincommunicationsanddigitaltechnologiesincludingtheinternetofthingstoautomateandcontrolproductionprocessessothattheyrunseamlesslyandsmoothly.

  • Manufacturing Futures InstituteThe Swinburne Manufacturing Futures Research Institute (MFI) is Australias first dedicated research institute focused on Industry 4.0

    Our research programs include:1. industrial automation 2. industrial internet 3. new manufacturing processes for next generation materials 4. design driven manufacturing innovation

    To support these programs, we are working on three new initiatives as part of our strategic plan for research:

    1. establish Australias first Industry 4.0 Testlab2. create the worlds first Graphene certification centre, and3. Build an Industry 4.0 Research Hub

  • Industry 4.0 Testlab

  • Challenges for Carbon Fibre Products Key challenges are cost and rate Global design teams standardization,

    collaboration, parallelization of work flows Smart materials, embedded sensors,

    predictive maintenance Process Simulation Control hardware and

    systems integration Process flexibility Target sectors: automotive, rail,

    aerospace and defence

  • Industry 4.0 Exemplar- BMW i3





  • Industry 4.0 Exemplar- BMW i3


  • Daimler AG

    CFRP Rear Panel Lightweight Construction


    50% weight reduction

    2-shelled construction

    Load curve suitable design

    Efficient SPP process

    Fast resin process - 1 minute cycle

    Integration in assembly

    Quo Vadis CFRP - JEC Asia - 2016-11-14

  • MercedesAMGGTR

  • Industry 4.0 Platform for Automated Manufacturing of Composites Products Design Concept

    Complete process stages from fabric cutting through resin application, to pressing and trimming.

    Flexible and multifunctional equipment that can be adapted, expanded and changed to suit purpose of Testlab research.

    Showcase for Industry 4.0 techniques, technologies and practices in manufacturing.

  • Hameedetal.Chem.Commun.,2015,51,99039906

    Flexible/Formable Resins

  • The control over epoxy network was achieved via the complexation reactions between epoxy and ionic liquids

    Evidence of complex formation from FTIR and density functional theory calculations

    Chemicalcommunications2015//RSCAdv 2015//CSTsubmitted

    Room temperature flexibility behaviour

    Flexible/Formable Resins

  • Graphene Certification Centre

  • Graphene Supply Chain Certification Key challenges scale de-risking supply chain Imagine Focusing on high volume applications

    1st product release: imgne X-3 with Geofabrics (Aust)

    Global geosynthetics sector will be $18B market by 2018*

    Certification and licensing business model

  • ImagineIMGrapheneProduction

    Currently production3.2kgofImagineIMEDGgrapheneperhour


  • The Future of the Factory of the Future

    Testlab for High Volume Automated Composite Products Industry 4.0 Digitalization of Manufacturing Multidisciplinary collaborative teams


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