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Transit Options Amherst Buffalo


  • 1. September 18, 2014

2. Transit Options Amherst Buffalo Purpose and Need Provide a fast, reliable, safe, and convenient transit ride in the Amherst-Buffalo Corridor Link established and emerging activity centers Serve increased travel demand Support redevelopment and other economic developmentopportunities Better serve transit-dependent population segments 3. TO Amherst Buffalo Study ProcessOverview 4. Transit Options Progress to Dateo Continuous collaboration with local committees and stakeholders andparticipation in community eventso Public Open Houses November 2013o Developed draft Purpose and Need Statemento Developed Screening and Evaluation Methodologyo Identified Long List of Alternativeso Conducted Tier I Analysiso Reviewed and identified ridership forecasting approach then met withFTA to discuss (STOPS model)o Developed Criteria for and Preliminary Station and Stop Locationso Developed Existing and Future Conditions No Build Report 5. Tier I Analysiso Began with Long List of Alternatives (36)o Tier I Analysis results - 15 Alternativeso Mode Alternatives:o Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), PreferentialBus Service and Enhanced Bus Serviceo Alignment Alternatives:o Bailey Avenue, Millersport Highway, and Niagara Falls Blvd. 6. Transit Options Immediate Next Stepso Hold Public Outreach Meeting September 30tho University at Buffalo On-Board Bus Survey Octobero Develop Tier II Alternativeso Develop conceptual service plan, running times, station locations, parkingo Conduct Tier II Screening of Alternativeso Develop ridership estimates using STOPSo Develop order of magnitude capital costo Develop impact assessment


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