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Creative Skillset TransFUSION conference & Open Badges


  • 1.Reimagining credentials! TransFUSION Conference! 4 Dec 2013, The RSA London! Skillset!

2. About me! Tim Riches CEO DigitalMe @triches / !! Open Badge Partnerships! 3. Mozilla Open Badges are a web standard designed to recognise skills! 4. How do they work?! 5. CC BY-SA Kyle Bowen 6. Arent badges just for kids?! 7. What makes Open Badges different?! 1. 2. 3. 4.Open vs Digital Badges! Data is owned by you! Data rich! Designed for lifelong learning! 8. qualications are worthless as a criteria for hiring! Google 2013! 9. Help us! Badge The UK! 10. skills currency connecting young A new ation! people to employment & further educ 11. How?!1. Partnership! 12. 2. Design tools! 13. 3. Open Badges! 14. Vital stats 4,000 Schools 75,000 Students 10,000 Teachers4. Badge Issuing & displaying platform! 15. Design Tools! 16. Badge App Store! 17. Badge Creators! 18. Badge Endorsers! 19. Badge Displayers! 20. Badge Audience! 21. Conclusion! Aim to create a new skills currency connecting young people with employment & education opportunities! Access design tools for free! Collaborate on badge ideas which link school colleges - universities charities & employers! 22. Mozfest 2013! 23. New for 2014! 24. New for 2014!Discover B uild A ssess ssue ollect S hare C I #OpenBadges 25. Tim Riches!! @triches! k!