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Establishing a Profitable Designer Label PrePre-Loved Clothing Business

One of the many training manuals written by

Nicole Kelly


Want to start your own small business but don't have the capital?Do you love clothes and fashion?Then learn what to do to get started in your own Designer Label pre-loved clothing and accessories business that can commence on a part-time basis and will cost you next to nothing to set up.In this workshop you will learn: where to go to find your stock how to get fantastic top-quality clothes free of charge how to promote your business so that others know where to find you and once you set up your shop, what to do to make it look good.This business can be run part-time while the kids are at school and can give you contact with other fashion loving people.

Why pay thousands of dollars to buy someone elses business when you can learn how to start your own, and be flooded with customers?Stop placing your destiny in the hands of others. Become selfemployed and take back the control!2 Establishing a Pre-Loved Clothing Business authored by Nicole Kelly

IntroductionHave you been thinking about starting a business...but you're not really sure it's what you want? Are you too young or too old, experienced in a narrow niche, leaving a dying industry and/or high-profile in your field or region? Your fastest track to career freedom may not be a new job. You may see money faster when you start your own business than when you pound pavements and blast your resume all over town. Most people worry about insurance and tax forms. They're important -- but don't let them stop you. The real challenges are: What structure of business will you start? What are your first steps? How can you find the help you need? This workbook-style manual gets you started answering these questions and helps you deal with the healthy fears faced by all entrepreneurs. We will discuss: The single most important question to ask before you begin How to save hundreds of dollars in consulting and coaching fees The single greatest time-waster (almost everybody does it) How to develop your business intuition How to build on strength How to face the toughest decision of all - give up or keep going How to replace wet blankets with supportive mentors Once you have decided which direction is right for you and whether you have what it takes to be successful, you should go about putting things in place to get started. This training manual will guide you in becoming successful in running a Designer Label Pre-Loved Clothing shop, home-based or market-stall business. You will be introduced to retail selling and given tips on the easiest way to run your business. The workshop also contains advice, strategies and planning for being a super salesperson and successful stock purchaser, as well as a wonderful customer service person. Your aim in your new small fashion business is to provide quality clothing that looks good and is priced such that your valued customers save money, while at the same time looking good and feeling great. Each customer should feel that they got a bargain and that they enjoyed the experience of shopping with you. The success ofEstablishing a Pre-Loved Clothing Business authored by Nicole Kelly 3

your business depends on you and how you can make each one of them feel special. This begins from the very start when they first meet or call you and continues through every action you take with them. You will learn how to set up your shop or stall, how to control your finances, how to make sales and how to provide professional service. Also, how to stock your business with fashionable clothing and accessories for little or no outlay. All of this information combined will make your business a total success. It is recommended that you have most of the business basics that you will learn from the business section of the workshop in place so that selling the stock is easy. With these few tips in mind, you are about to embark on a wonderful journey in your new small business. If you study the manual after completing the workshop, and then follow and implement these guidelines, your business should become very successful. So I wish you all the best, and remember to refer to your Guide, or call me if you need help.

About the writer of this manualThe writer of this manual is Nicole Kelly. She is 37 years of age and lives with her two cats at Sutherland in Sydneys south. Nicole was educated at a selective girls high school in Sydneys south, but does not credit that time for any of her success. Like most entrepreneurs, she couldnt wait to leave school and get out there and start working for herself, and because she knew she wanted to do this she began learning a profession that would allow her to do so. She competed as a Ballroom dancer from the age of fifteen, and at nineteen she became a qualified contract dance teacher who specialised in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, from which she went on to establish her own dance school at age 21. She has experienced teaching both adults and children and has proven ability to impart her knowledge in a constructive and comprehensive format. The skills being gained while running her first business led her to also set up her own party-plan costume jewelry and lingerie business (and model for the catalogues used to sell the lingerie). She ran both her dancing school and her costume jewellery and lingerie business alongside each other, often working 60 or 70 hours a week for the next three and a half years. From her party-plan business she learned the dynamics of this type of selling and how different tastes in products appeal to different people. She learned that no matter what a persons opinion is about a product or service, there is always someone else out there that often sees things very


Establishing a Pre-Loved Clothing Business authored by Nicole Kelly

differently. So, if you happen to like one type of product in the range of items you sell, it doesnt necessarily mean that your customers will like it. And vice versa if you dont think it will sell you may be pleasantly surprised when it does. This knowledge helped her to start a designer-label pre-loved clothing store at Cronulla in 1997 where she saw the same principles applying here. In 1991 she closed her dancing school and her party-plan business, took a break and then began a cleaning service that grew into a cleaning agency within 12 months from starting. She then went on to successfully run major domestic cleaning businesses in Sydney over the next 12 years, creating work for over five hundred people during that time, those people servicing more than 6000 clients overall. From late 1999, Nicole began writing training manuals about the various businesses she has run, and further developing her understanding of business, namely the Internet and on-line services. In the last eighteen months she has taught at five adult education colleges in Sydney, with a range of 12 different workshops all developed by her. Her students have then gone on to set up their own businesses from the information that they were taught at her workshops. Nicole has been widely recognised for her unique ability to successfully market her businesses, allowing her business names to fast track into the minds of the people those businesses serve. While running her most recent cleaning agency she established a leaflet distribution service in order to reduce the costs of marketing the business. Once that was done she was able to market her cleaning business for next-to-nothing. She has also studied the techniques that enable Multi-Level businesses to become profitable and believes in working smarter rather than harder. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to continually develop strategies to enable her to fine-tune the various aspects of being in businesses, which has given her a very wide range of experience. Through her ability to write she brings to you a comprehensive study guide that you will gain great benefit from. If you study this guide in depth and put into action the suggestions contained within it, you will gain the strength, knowledge and skill to make this business a big success for you.A message from Nicole - If you need support then feel free to call on 0404-000-077 or email me at and we can arrange a time to do some further training together. I charge for one-on-one consultations and/or email support to help you get started. Customer support is available for all purchasers of my manuals, so if you need help please contact me.

Establishing a Pre-Loved Clothing Business authored by Nicole Kelly


List of Chapters1. Do you Have what it Takes?Know Yourself Strengths and Weaknesses Character Type Values Aims Questions and Exercises: Self Assessment and Activities Personality Types Surround Yourself with Complementary Help Power Types Questionnaire Adding up the Score The Personality Components Relationship-Type Personality Action-Type Personality Strategy-Type Personality What to do Now that you know your Personality Type

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2. Personal Skills needed to be a SuccessAssertiveness Defining your Purpose A Brief Overview of Metaphysics The Four parts of our Whole Being Why Most People fail to Achieve what they Want in Life What do you Feel is your Lifes Purpose? Action Steps to Defining your Purpose Emotional Development and How it Affects you in Business Questions and Exercises

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3. What are the Real ChallengesWhat Structure of Business will you Start?6 Establishing a Pre-Loved Clothing Business authored by Nicole Kelly


What are your First Steps? How can you Find the Help you Need? What is the Single Greatest Time Waster? How to Develop your Business Intuition How


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