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Trail Map Interstate


  • !_IAIA

    National Park ServiceU.S. Department of the InteriorChattahoochee River National Recreation Area Georgia

    June 2013

    0.3 0 0.30.15 Miles


    Cochran Shoals Powers Island

    CS 17

    CS 19

    CS 20

    CS 21CS 22

    CS 18

    CS 23

    CS 24

    CS 25

    CS 31

    CS 29

    CS 28

    CS 27

    CS 26

    CS 30

    CS 34

    CS 32CS 33

    CS 35


    Powers Ferry Road

    Interstate North

    Parkway SE

    Gunby Creek

    In Case of Emergency Call 911 or 770-952-0370Note the number on the nearest Trail Map

    Columns Drive

    Interstate North

    Rules of the TrailProtect the trails dont ride after rain.Bicyclists must follow one-way signs.10 MPH speed limit for bicycles.Bicyclists yield to pedestrians.Protect yourself always wear a helmet.

    Visit or scan the code to view map.

    Location MapCS 16

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    Hiking Only

    IA Parking!_ Restrooms

    Park Land

    Hiking Trail

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