TRADITIONS in Slovakia

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TRADITIONS in Slovakia. Zuzana Kakov VII.OA. Traditions and customs. Slovakia many traditions Followed by people from villages Types : pagan and religious Most of them : forgotten Connected with : weather lore , sayings. Traditions. People connection with nature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


TRADITIONS in Slovakia

TRADITIONSin SlovakiaZuzana Kakov VII.OATraditions and customsSlovakia many traditionsFollowed by people from villagesTypes: pagan and religiousMost of them: forgottenConnected with: weather lore, sayings

TraditionsPeople connection with natureCycle of the yearCauses: They could not explain natural effectsFear of unknown, bad luck, poor harvestMyths and legendsRelated to location

MorenaMorenaGoddess of death and winterStraw figurine dressed in womens clothesSet on fire, thrown in riverSymbol: welcoming beggining of springFolk music and dresses

Na ofiu 15th MayTime for planting flaxHigh mountains, treesCat in linen clothRow in familyLong noodlesStrong liquor

Na Luciu 13th Decemberwhole day loud niosesCause: frighten bad ghosts and whichesWhite dresses and facesBrewing love potion

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