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  1. 1. Traditional, modern and contemporary kitchen designs Various types of materials are available in making different kitchen accessories. While planning Indian kitchen interior design model, you can come across a variety of designs. Before creating a design you have to decide the type of kitchen you would like to have in your house. Whether you want a traditional model, modern model or contemporary model kitchen? A good interior designer is able to bring different Indian flavours in the kitchen design. You have to express your ideas and desires in an effective manner to a designer so as to bring out the best in him. First step in the designing process is to decide the colour scheme of the kitchen. While choosing colours for kitchen walls you should be choosy. The colours chosen by you should make the room, airy, light, warm and welcoming. Instead of choosing very bright colours, pick light shades. Likewise, you should decide what type of material and colour should be used for kitchen doors and windows. You will get doors and windows made of a variety of materials. This includes vinyl wrap, glass, sheen, gloss, wood and aluminium. Check the different measurements and shape of the kitchen and decide the material in which you want doors and windows. Colour combinations on it should match well with the wall colours. This will improve the whole look of the kitchen. Materials for doors and windows are available in various price ranges.
  2. 2. Kitchen bench tops are also available in different colours. Various types of materials are used in making kitchen bench tops. This includes quartz, smart stone, wood, laminate, Caesar stone, stainless steel etc. Cupboards and drawers should be placed as per requirement. You will get cupboards made of different types of materials. Check which all areas you have to place it. Make sure that you are not overcrowding everything. In the market you will get cupboards and drawers that can be used for unique purposes. Make a list of things that you have to place in the cupboards and buy according to it. Style and latest trends in the designs should also be checked so as to give a trendy look to the kitchen. Next is the sink ware. Check which all places in a kitchen where you want sink wares. In kitchens that have restricted space, it is better to have a single sink that can cater multiple purposes. Sink wares made of various materials are available in different colours. Other than that you have to give importance to storage space. In country Indian kitchen interior design models there will be a separate storage area to keep all necessary items of the kitchen. But modular kitchens wont have a special storage area. Check which type suits best in your kitchen. Appliances for the kitchen should be selected with design of the kitchen in mind. There should be a good blend of things inside the kitchen. Then only kitchen will be prominent in a house. A kitchen should be designed as per the design of your house. A well designed house with the well designed kitchen catches attention of everyone. For more information please visit Contact Us Vijay Kumar :+91 984 502 8773 Email :