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Helpful hints for public relations and marketing professionals.


  • 1.Trade Tips: Getting Started with Vine for your Communications Strategy Helpful hints for public relations and marketing professionalsBy Ronald W. Simms Jr.

2. Getting Started With Vine Vines 6 second video clips are easy to share, simple to create and relatively inexpensive to produce. 3. Getting Started With Vine These five tips will get you up and Vining in no time.5 Tips 4. 1EntertainMake your short videos as memorable as you can. 5. 2ResearchLook for Vines you like and adapt them. 6. 3SpeakAdd short commentary to enhance the videos content. 7. 4LearnMaster video basics: how to hold a camera steady, minimize background noises, etc. 8. 5OptimizeInclude captions and hashtags to help people find your video. 9. Getting Started With VineWhat can you say in 6 seconds? 10. To learn more about McKinney & Associates, visit McKinney & Associates was founded in 1990 with a commitment to social justice that has prevailed for more than 20 years. From the beginning, McKinney has passionately and skillfully practiced public relations with a conscience for local, national and international organizations.@mckpr

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