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Trade shows represent a great opportunity for businesses to get quality leads. However, most companies waste the opportunity by not planning properly. This deck reviews the keys to ensuring great trade show ROI.


  • Trade Show ROI
  • 13000 Trade Shows in US Alone
  • Typical Trade Show Vendor Strategy
  • Trade Show ROI Show Schedule Pre-Show Planning Booth Design Speaker Slot Suite
  • Step 1 Create a Show Schedule Review Show Histor Forget Where the Competition Will Be Only Pick Cooperative Shows
  • Step 2 Pre-Show Planning Know Whos Coming? Send Invitations Call to Verify
  • Step 3 Good Booth Design Clean, Easy to Get
  • Not so Easy to Get
  • Step 4 Presentation HintDo One! Everyone Who Shows Up Is Interested in Your Solution
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  • Step 5 Hospitality Suite Everyone Likes Free Booze
  • Sales Marketing Make Sure Theyre On the Same Page
  • No time.. is not an Excuse For Not Planning