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Floral Print-Designer: Dries Van Noten

-Product: Floral print blazer-Retailer: Forever 21There were a lot of floral prints designs for the 2015 Spring trend forecast. It seemed as if this trend was a very big hit that seemed not to be slowing down anytime soon. The flowers of the moment are set on a black canvas rather than white. While 2014 saw more feminine and delicate blooms, an edgier and more exotic look is coming next year. WGSN went as far as to say ..while 2014 was the year of small and delicate blooms, this year will be all about the big flowers...and I mean, big!


Designer: Calvin Klein

-Product: Dolman-Sleeve Printed Fringed Tops-Retailer: Macys

Any die hard hippies at heart take notice, fringe is making a return. And it's not coming back quietly. Fringe is being styled and worn as neck accoutrement, inspired by Moroccan throws, on skirts, ponchos and headdresses. The confetti-effect is certainly proving its adaptability. Hough fringe might seem like a trickier trend to pull off, yet it works really well on coats, jackets and skirts, as well as on accessories like handbags and shoes. It seems as if you can wear it just about anywhere. WWD reported, Fringe Is One Of The Biggest Trends Filling The New York Fashion Week Runways.

Metallic Designer: Givenchy-Product: (1.)Dress the Population 'Emery' Metallic Jersey Open Back Body-Con Dress(2.) Metallic gown-Retailer: Nordstrom

Whether if it comes in the form of cool silvers or rich golds, it seems that people can not get enough of metallic colored dresses, sweaters, heels, and other fashion accessories. Spring 2015 has seen the metallic silhouettes go from sporty, to slouchy and to perfectly tailored. Yet the whole time it changed without ever letting go of their emblematic high-shine. The metallic style is coming in many precious tones and with various finishes. This year it seems as if the metallic tren has become stronger than ever. -WGSN

Flare PantsDesigner: Derek Lam, Victoria Beckham and Emilio Pucci-Product: (1.) Denim Super Flare(2.) 70s Sailor Flare-Retailer: FreePeople

A lot of the past 1970s fashion trends seem to be coming back and making a big statement for the Spring 2015 season. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that at least some of its signature silhouettes ended up revamping the mood for spring. Therefore, the flare pants became global on the runway, dressed in prints and dipped in vivid colours. This is the one SS15 trend that you don't even need nice weather for... - WGSN

FIRST BLUSHDesigner: Miu Miu-Product: Fluid Trench Coat-Retailer: American Eagle

This spring a lighter tone of pink is making a big splash for making a play for universal acceptance. Based of this season's runways, it is obvious that it is making a strong case in its favor. In its more restrained state of pastel, blush and icy shades, pink's inherent femininity and ability to flatter dissipate its more saccharine tendenciesone pencil skirt and shift at a time WGSN. This color to me seems like it will carry over for a few years because of its beautiful look and strong acceptance thus far.