trade and globalization key terms “economic liberalism” favoring free flow of trade and...

Download Trade and Globalization key terms “economic liberalism” favoring free flow of trade and investment “mercantilism” or “protectionism” protecting domestic

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  • Trade and Globalization

  • key termseconomic liberalismfavoring free flow of trade and investmentmercantilism or protectionismprotecting domestic industries with subsidies, tariffs, and non-tariff barriers

  • comparative advantagespecializing and trading benefits all?

  • Liberal International Economic OrderGATTBretton Woods institution for the reduction of tariffsWTOreplaces GATT in 1995expanded and given teeth--authorizes retaliation

  • Regional Trade AgreementsNAFTAEUAPECtowards liberalized world trade, or trading blocks?

  • The future of international tradeincreasing protectionism with declining US hegemony?

  • GlobalizationInterconnection with the world

  • sources of globalizationliberal trade/pro export policycommunications technologyTV, computer/internet, phonetransportair travel, containerizationimmigration

  • ImmigrationThe US--post 1965end of nation quotas, more chain migrationEurope in the 60sguest-workers and former coloniesanti-immigrant parties

  • Cultural Homogeneity?

  • Global Village or Global Pillage?WTO may determine that environmental, health, labor standards are really NTBsexamples of dolphin-safe tuna and turtle-safe shrimpTariffs reduced more on poor countries small producers than rich countries large agricultural producersBut poor countries winning at WTO against US cotton

    Measured in constant dollars?Internet use


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