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  • 1. Tracking multichannel, real time customer experience Presentation to Cranfield Customer Management Forum November 17th 2010 Lauren Praverman and Fiona Blades WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM 1

2. Purpose of today To share the reasons for tracking real time customerexperiences To show how its done To share some of the insights it has revealed To show how the insights are impacting on business decisions WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM 2 3. Experiences driving SalesSales Historically Brandbut we need to knowConsideration which pieces of Tracking analytics identify which brandmarketing activityimage attributes drive Brand Image drive Consideration andConsiderationSales ExperienceWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM3 4. WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM4 5. The approach Each participant is in the field for one weekLegacy Brand Health Current Brand ExperienceFuture Brand DirectionWWW.MESHPLANNING.COMParticipants complete a Legacy After 7 days of texting and a final visit to Brand Health questionnaire inParticipants text theEvery other day the diary participants complete a Future advance of starting the real-time brands and experiencesparticipants areBrand Direction questionnaire beforetexting process. This contains thethey come acrossrequired to visit theirexiting the survey. This is a good place tousual tracking measures plus otherduring their week in SMS diary to look into specific ad recall and diagnosticsmetrics. field. We agree theembellish thein more detail. brand and experiencesexperiences they together. have already textedabout.5 6. All the questions you know and love Screener: to filter on 16-45 Identify consumption groups (loyalists)Spontaneous then Prompted Brand and Ad Awareness Brand Evaluation in Competitive Context on key metricsFavourabilityConsideration MomentumWWW.MESHPLANNING.COMBrand Image and statement association measures Briefing for Texting and Diary Element6 7. Texting frameworkText us whenever you see, hearBRAND:a) Pepsi OCCASION: a) TV FEELING: 5) Very positiveCHOICE:a) Much more likely to or experience anything to dob) Pepsi Maxc) Coca-Cola b) Poster/Billboard c) Radio 4) Fairly positive 3) Neutralchooseb) Slightly more likely tochoosewith the following brandsd) Coke Zeroe) Diet Coke d) Me Drinking/purchasing e) Conversation 2) Fairly negative 1) Very negativec) No changed) Put me off choosingf) Tango f) Cinemag) Other carbonate g) Newspaper h) Magazine i) Sponsorship j) In Store WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM k) Vending Machine l) Someone else drinking m) Online n) Mailing/Leaflet o) In pub/bar/restaurant p) Other 7 8. You tell usBRAND: A)Pepsi B)Pepsi Max C)Coca-ColaD)Coke Zero E)Diet Coke F)TangoG)Other fizzy drinkOCCASION: A)TV B)Poster/Billboard C)RadioD)Me Drinking/purchasing E)ConversationF)Cinema G)Newspaper H)MagazineI)Sponsorship J)In Store K)Vending MachineL)Someone else drinkingM)OnlineN)Mailing leafletO)Inpub/bar/restaurant P)OtherFEEL: 5)Very positive 4)Fairly positive3)Neutral 2)Fairly negative 1) Very negativeCHOICE 4) Much more likely to choose 3)Slightly more likely to choose 2) No change1) Put me off choosing WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM 8 9. Pepsi, Someone else Drinking, Very Positive,Much more likely to choose next timeBRAND: OCCASION: FEELING: CHOICE:a) Pepsi a) TV 5) Very positive 4) Much more likely tochooseb) Pepsi Max b) Poster/Billboard 4) Fairly positive3) Slightly more likely toc) Coca-Cola c) Radio3) Neutral choosed) Coke Zero d) Me Drinking/purchasing 2) Fairly negative 2) No changee) Diet Coke e) Conversation 1) Very negative 1) Put me off choosingf) Tango f) Cinemag) Other carbonate g) Newspaper h) MagazineAL 5 4 i) Sponsorship j) In Store k) Vending Machine WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM l) Someone else drinking m) Online n) Mailing/Leaflet o) In pub/bar/restaurant p) Other 9 10. My SMS Diary WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM10 11. Looking to the futureMain message about the brandBrand Evaluation in Competitive Context on key metricsThis is where we Favourabilitymeasure anyConsiderationpotential shifts in Momentumperceptions that have occurred duringpeoples week of Brand Image and statement association measures texting Execution evaluation WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMSegmentation 11 12. Study DetailsMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustExperience Tracker Wave 1 Wave 2Wave 3 Wave 4Wave 518th March 18th April 12th April 16th May 10th May 13th June 7th June 11th July 5th July 11th AugustPepsi Max Breathtaking World Cup TV/Online OOH (4th-18th April)(1st 28th March)TV (4th April 16th May) Online and Press WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM OOH (7th 20th June)GirthPress TV(7th 4th July)TangoRadio (7th 27th June) Online 12 13. Study details Participants TextsPhotosWave 1 5354774299Wave 2 4603845433Wave 3 5474535420Wave 4 4204010703Wave 5 5464713516WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM13 14. WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM14 15. As context, TROI Experience Database for UKreveals importance of In Store and TV Base;18,293 textsBase;45,030 textsWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM15 Source: Current Brand Experience (Text data) 16. In Wave 1 we immediately saw the dominanceof Trade touchpoints WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM 16Source: Current Brand Experience (Text data) 17. Me drinking/purchasing and Mailing Leaflet are themost persuasive experiences for the category WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMSource: Current Brand Experience (Text Data) 17Base: 21,877 texts 18. Channel LearningsPower of consumptionexperiences are under utilisedWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM18 19. Me drinking/purchasing is an enormouslypowerful TouchpointWWW.MESHPLANNING.COMSource: Current Brand Experience (Text Data)19Base: 21,877 texts 20. MePepsi Max has the highest quality consumptionDrinking Purchasing (Waves 1-5 combined)and purchasing experiencesPepsi Max Pepsi Coke ZeroCoca-Cola Diet Coke Me Drinking Purchasing (Waves 1-5 combined)70% Pepsi Max65% PepsiCoke Zero60% Coca-ColaDiet Coke55%Purchase Intent T2B (%)50%WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM45%40%35%30%25%20% 40% 45%50% 55% 60%65%70% 75% 80%Positivity T2B (%) Source: Current Brand Experience (Text Data)20 Base: 5,279 texts 21. Model 2: Consumption drives top-2-box improvement forPepsi Max is the only brand where the ConsumptionPepsi Max experience alone drives ConsiderationCONSUMPTION TOUCHPOINTS Me purchase only + Me purchase and drink (0.64) +CONSIDERATIONMe drink only(Improvement in (0.31) top-2-boxbetween t0 and t1) Pepsi Max is the only brand that has aWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM significant link from drinking to top-2-box improvement. The consumption effect is even stronger when there is a combination of purchase AND drinking. Base (n) = 2506 (5 waves) Binary regression model; Positive change in consideration / Negative or no change.Solid black line = Significant2121 22. Soft drinks clearly serve specific needstates Me time An energy boostA social break WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM 22 23. Coca-Cola and Diet Coke are creatively tappinginto consumption need states WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM 23 24. Off TradeLearningsPepsi trade push,Coca-Cola brand pullWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM24 25. 50% of experiences in this catagory are impulseImpulse Vs. Planned PurchasesConverted Fulfilled PlannedImpulse category and Yescategorybrand decision 39%purchasedecisionWhetherintended to 18% 21%buy aparticular50% 11%fizzy brand? No Diverted-Impulse 61%category andimpulsebrand decisionbranddecisionWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM Not plannedPlanned 68%33% Whether intended to buy a fizzy drink?Source ;Me Drinking/purchasingExperiences - 5 waves 25n=5279 texts 26. However, Pepsi Max drives a larger proportion of impulse purchases within the brand mix Purchase Type ProfileImpulse vs Planned Purchase/ConsumptionImpulse brand andcategory purchase46%38% decision50%48%50% 55%55%62% Diverted-impulse branddecision19% 9%11%14%11%7% 11%17% Converted-impulse 8% 14%18% 22%18% 31% category decision 18%15%28% 25%21%16% 16%15% 21% Fulfilled12% WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM TotalPepsi/Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Max Coca-Cola Coke Zero Diet Coke Tangon=5279 Max Netn=557n=644 n=1266n=317 n=1166 n=276n=1201Stronger pre-existingMore successful trade activitiesdemand for Coca-Cola which are triggering Pepsi purchase/consumption more than other cola brandsSource ;Me Drinking/purchasing Experiences - 5 waves 26n=5279 texts 27. Trade activity is pushing Pepsi Max Wordle For Me Drinking/Purchasing Comments PEPSI WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMSource: Current Brand Experience (Text data)Pepsi Max, Me drinking/purchasing 27n=652 comments 28. Consumer demand, feeling thirsty and a needfor refreshment are the main drivers for Coca- Cola Wordle For Me Drinking/PurchasingComments COCA -COLA WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMSource: Current Brand Experience (Text data)Coca Cola, Me drinking/purchasing 28n=1270 comments 29. Model 1: Consumption drives improvements in top-2-boxCranfield analysis showed that Meconsideration for PepsiPurchasing/Drinking drove Consideration ACTIVE TOUCHPOINTS Conversation Pub/bar/restaurantIn storeOnline*CONSIDERATION (Improvement in Vending machinetop-2-boxbetween t0 and t1)WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM + Me purchasing / drinking (0.31) * Includes active and passive elements Base (n) = 2506 (5 waves) Binary regression model; Positive change in consideration / Negative or no change.Solid black line = Significant2929 30. Model 2: Purchase drives up top-2-box ConsiderationUnlike, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Considerationfor Pepsi is drivenmore by Purchase than Consumption CONSUMPTION TOUCHPOINTS+ Me purchase only(0.38)+Me purchase and drink(0.32)CONSIDERATION (Improvement intop-2-boxMe drink only between t0 and t1)WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMBase (n) = 2506 (5 waves)Binary regression model;Positive change in consideration / Negative or no change. Solid black line = Significant3030 31. Channel Learnings Mailing Leafletshighly persuasiveinfluencing plannedpurchaseWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM31 32. Mailing/leaflets is our second most persuasive experienceTop2Box Choice Market Average (%) WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM Top2Box Positivity Market Average (%)Source: Current Brand Experience (Text Data) 32Base: 21,877 texts 33. It is a relatively higher reaching Touchpoint for Pepsiand is the third most persuasive Touchpoint Top2Box Choice Market Average (%)WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMTop2Box Positivity Market Average (%) Source: Current Brand Experience (Text Data)33 Base: 2,711 texts 34. Extremely persuasive retailer promotionsencourage people to plan their next purchaseIt was a supermarket offers leaflet with multipack coke cans, but Iwould be influenced by the factthat they would be on offer, the offer would possibly make me switch brands WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMSource: Current Brand Experience (Text Data) 34 35. Model 1: Mailing leaflets are a leaflets and Posters Offer-led Mailing strongly significant driverdriveof top-2-box consideration for Pepsi. Posters work too. Consideration for Pepsi PASSIVE TOUCHPOINTSTV SponsorshipSomeone else drinking + CONSIDERATIONRadio(Improvement in+ top-2-boxPoster /billboard (0.28) between t0 and t1) Newspaper WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMThis is Mailing leaflet (0.82) a powerfuleffect! Consistently occurs across waves.MagazineBase (n) = 2506 (5 waves)Binary regression model; Cinema Positive change in consideration / Negative or no change. Solid black line = Significant 3535 36. Again, these included links to take away foodFeaturing on takeaway leaflets seeing all the choices lyingnext to the drinks, you reallywanted to pick up your phoneand order them right now!!Pepsi, Takeaway leaflet, fairlypositive, slightly more likely tochoosethe more you see, the more you want to have them right now!! it isWWW.MESHPLANNING.COMnice to know that they match thefood with pepsi!! Pepsi, Takeaway leaflet, fairly positive,slightly more likely to choose36 37. On TradeLearningsCoca-Cola dominating but Free Refills and link with food work for PepsiWWW.MESHPLANNING.COM37 38. Coca-Cola consistently Reaches more people through On Trade over each WaveAverage Reach Per Week across waves 15%On Trade12% 11%10% 10%Average Reach per Week (%) 10% Pepsi9%9% 9% 8%6% 6%Coca-Cola6%6%5%5%5% Pepsi & Pepsi Max4% WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM0%Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3Wave 4Wave 5 Source: Current Brand Experience (text data) n = number of people 38 535 Wave 1; 460 Wave 2; 547 Wave 3; 420 Wave 4; 546 Wave 5 39. Coca-Cola experiences are of higher qualitythan PepsiThrough branding...Friends drinking coca cola from glasses with the logo clearly marked Eye catching beer mat made me wanta coke And a strong presence at POP...WWW.MESHPLANNING.COMWent out after eating mylunch at work for a quick beer and noticed a cocacola poster in the bar39 40. However in Wave 2 Pepsi outperforms Coca-Colathrough On Trade experiences Source: Current Brand Experience (text data) n = number of textsTotal Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Wave 5Pepsi169 55 29 25 25 35Coca Cola307 66 48 69 69 55WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM40 41. Free refills help drive the quality of experiences. Prominent displays make it more efficientWordle For Wave 2 On Trade CommentsI went to a restaurant and there was an offer onWWW.MESHPLANNING.COMPepsi free refills there was a huge poster on the wall advertising thisPepsi, In pub/bar/restaurant, Prominent display of the fizzy drink, Very positive, much more likely to chooseSource: Current Brand Experience (Text data) Wave 241n=29 comments for Pepsi, In Pub/Bar/Restaurant 42. Model 3:TV and On Trade drive closeness On-trade and TV drive closeness to Pepsi to Pepsi PASSIVETOUCHPOINTS Radio; Sponsorship; Poster/billboard; Cinema;Newspaper; Magazine; +Mailing leaflet;Someone else drinkingTV (0.16) Improvement incloseness ACTIVE TOUCHPOINTSto the brandOnline; Conversation; between t0 and t1 +Vending machine; In-store;WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM Me purchasing/drinkingPub/bar/restaurant (0.21)Base (n) = 2506 (5 waves)Binary regression model; Positive change in image / Negative or no change. Solid black line = Significant4242 43. The TV is primarily through the KFC ads as Pepsi was not on airAgain, I saw the Kentucky FriedChicken BBQ offer on TV( Channel 5) during a programme ad breakwhich featured Pepsi Cola aspart of the deal. WWW.MESHPLANNING.COM I was watching a recording of American idol (itv2) which I taped on sky+. thisadvert came up a few times and I noticed the Pepsi in the KFC advert. thisactually made me thirsty. 43Wave 1: Current brand experience