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  • UNDP in Moldova Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All1

    Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All 2007-2011 Spre o Dezvoltare Echitabil i Durabil Pentru Toi

    MoldovaUNDP inPNUD n

  • MoldovaUNDP inPNUD n

    Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All 2007-2011 Spre o Dezvoltare Echitabil i Durabil Pentru Toi

  • UNDP in Moldova Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All4

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been one of the key partners of the Government of the Republic of Moldova since 1993, having been the first UN agency to start operations in the country. In these past two decades, we have forged a solid partnership to improve the wellbeing of the people of Moldova.

    Building on the Governments deep commitment to equitable and sustainable development, UNDP has provided advice on policies and laws, and supported the strengthening of institutions to translate these into action. This partnership has contributed to a significant reduction in poverty as well as important increases in opportunities for the people of Moldova.

    The Government of Moldova has continuously supported initiatives to ensure peace, international security and human rights. We have worked hard to comprehensively reform the public administration, improve the electoral environment, enable women to access their full rights and provide better access to quality health and education services.

    The Government of Moldova sees European integration as pivotal to both its foreign and domestic policy: we see it as the most efficient way to achieve political, economic and social modernization in our country.

    FOREWORD Cuvnt nainte

    ncepnd cu 1993, Programul Naiunilor Unite pentru Dezvoltare (PNUD) a fost unul dintre partenerii principali ai Guvernului Republicii Moldova, aceasta fiind prima agenie ONU care i-a nceput activitatea n ara noastr. Pe parcursul a dou decenii, am reuit s stabilim un parteneriat solid n scopul mbuntirii bunstrii oamenilor din Moldova.

    Avnd la baz angajamentul Guvernului pentru o dezvoltare echitabil i durabil, PNUD a oferit expertiz n elaborarea politicilor i legilor i a contribuit la consolidarea instituiilor pentru ca aceste politici i legi s fie transpuse n aciuni. Acest parteneriat a contribuit la reducerea semnificativ a srciei i la extinderea oportunitilor pentru oamenii din Moldova.

    Guvernul Republicii Moldova a susinut permanent iniiative de asigurare a pcii, securitii internaionale i drepturilor omului. Am depus eforturi pentru a reforma administraia public, mbunti procesele electorale, abilita femeile s se bucure de drepturi depline i asigura accesul la servicii medicale mai bune i educaie de calitate.

    Noi considerm integrarea european o prioritate pentru politica extern i intern i cea mai eficient cale de realizare a obiectivului de modernizare politic, economic i social a rii noastre.

  • Spre o Dezvoltare Echitabil i Durabil Pentru Toi PNUD n Moldova 5

    Achieving these objectives has required urgent reforms to our laws, standards and policies. We have made rapid advances on this aspect in the past few years, and UNDP has been foremost among our development partners in supporting Moldovas aspirations to create a modern public administration and in helping us meet our commitments on European integration.

    We are now working harder than ever to ensure the inclusion in society of vulnerable groups, particularly those in rural areas; we are focusing even more intensely on public administration reform to ensure more and clearer autonomy for local public authorities; we are creating conditions for the reintegration of the Transnistrian region into the economic, political, social and information space of the Republic of Moldova; and we are committed to protecting our environment and adapting to climate change.

    We know we have the support of UNDP and its sister agencies of the UN Moldova Team to address these issues. We are confident that together we will be able to achieve a brighter future for Moldovas people both within Europe and as part of the global community.

    Realizarea acestor obiective necesit reforme urgente n domeniul legislaiei, standardelor i politicilor. Am reuit s progresm rapid n aceste domenii pe parcursul ultimilor ani, iar PNUD a fost printre primii parteneri de dezvoltare care au sprijinit att aspiraiile Moldovei de a crea o administraie public modern, ct i angajamentele noastre de integrare european.

    n prezent, depunem eforturi mai mari pentru a asigura integrarea n societate a grupurilor vulnerabile, n special a celor din localitile rurale; ne axm i mai mult pe reforma administraiei publice pentru a asigura un nivel mai mare de autonomie autoritilor publice locale; crem condiii pentru reintegrarea regiunii transnistrene n spaiul economic, politic, social i informaional al Republicii Moldova; i ntreprindem aciuni de protecie a mediului i adaptare la schimbrile climatice.

    Cu parteneri ca PNUD i ageniile ONU, putem conta pe sprijinul lor n soluionarea acestor probleme. Avem toat ncrederea c mpreun vom putea crea un viitor mai bun pentru oamenii din Moldova n familia statelor europene i a comunitii globale.

    Vlad Filat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Vlad Filat, Prim-ministrul Republicii Moldova


  • UNDP in Moldova Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All6

    The assistance of UNDP and the entire UN family to Moldova has expanded over the years. UNDP has been a key partner to the Government in areas as broad ranging as poverty reduction and climate change mitigation and adaptation; confidence building, social protection and public administration reform; as well as border control and access to justice. It has also played a stalwart role in Moldovas moves towards European integration.

    Moldova has made real achievements over this period. Growth has been consistent since 2000, even in the past few difficult years of global uncertainty; poverty has reduced significantly; human rights and gender equality are much more visible on the agenda and are discussed as a matter of course. The Government has remained committed to social and economic development, and UNDP has been by its side in this.

    UNDP has contributed to Moldovas results in public administration reform, electoral processes, human rights, climate change adaptation and mitigation, confidence building, social protection, decentralization and gender equality. Policy and legislation creation; leadership and advice in reform processes; local development programmes: all these are major strategies of UNDP that have helped it play its vital role in supporting Moldovas national development efforts.

    Asistena PNUD i a ntregii familii ONU n Moldova s-a extins de-a lungul anilor. PNUD este un partener principal al Guvernului n diverse domenii, cum ar fi reducerea srciei i a impactului schimbrilor climatice, consolidarea msurilor de ncredere, protecia social i reforma administraiei publice, i gestionarea frontierelor i accesul la justiie. Noi am avut, de asemenea, un rol important n procesul de integrare european a Moldovei.

    Moldova a realizat un ir de succese reale n aceast perioad. Creterea economic a fost stabil ncepnd cu 2000, chiar i n anii dificili de criz global; nivelul de srcie s-a redus semnificativ; drepturile omului i egalitatea genurilor sunt mult mai prezente n agenda prioritilor i mai discutate. Guvernul i-a onorat angajamentul pentru dezvoltarea social-economic a rii, iar PNUD i-a fost alturi n acest demers.

    Datorit asistenei PNUD, Moldova are rezultate n domeniul reformei administraiei publice, proceselor electorale, drepturilor omului, adaptrii la schimbrile climatice i reducerea consecinelor acestora, consolidarea msurilor de ncredere, proteciei sociale, descentralizrii i egalitii genurilor. Elaborarea politicilor i a legilor; leadership i consiliere n procesul de realizare a reformelor; programe de dezvoltare local: acestea sunt strategiile majore ale Programului Naiunilor Unite pentru Dezvoltare care l-au ajutat s joace un rol vital n susinerea eforturilor de dezvoltare n Moldova la scara ntregii ri.

    Exist ns i domenii care urmeaz a fi abordate. n pofida unei reduceri a srciei de la 30.2% n 2006 pn la 21.9% n 2010, disparitile dintre mediul urban i cel rural s-au aprofundat: rata persoanelor srace care

    INTRODUCTION Introducere

  • Spre o Dezvoltare Echitabil i Durabil Pentru Toi PNUD n Moldova 7

    MoldovaThere remain key areas for emphasis. Despite poverty reducing from 30.2% in 2006 to 21.9% in 2010, the urbanrural divide has widened: the share of the poor living in rural areas has increased. Repeated external shocks, such as droughts, floods and export restrictions, have undermined efforts by the authorities to change the pattern of economic growth. Public administration and decentralization reforms are underway as the National Decentralization Strategy has recently been approved by Parliament and signed by the President. Women are still underrepresented in Parliament and they still earn less than men on average.

    Moldova has acknowledged the need to address these challenges, particularly given its strong desire to build on its active cooperation with the UN and its on-going European integration efforts, and the Government has voiced its wish to continue partnering with UNDP in its efforts. The UNMoldova Partnership Framework 20132017: Towards Unity in Action represents a symbol of this continued cooperation.

    UNDP will keep up its work to improve democratic governance, justice and human rights, to ensure equitable human development and social inclusion and to create a cleaner environment with stronger resilience to natural disasters. Its new Country Programme for 2013 to 2017 h


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