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Towards a More Agile Design Process

How most approach the design process

How most manage their design

Look familiar?

The current trend is a bit moreagile

Whats the difference?

How do you switch tracks and move to agile?

A tale of two management strategies

And two calendarsAgileWaterfall

1) Drop the compsSet the mood board with color palettes, images, proposed grid structure, typography, and other site examplesAgile: days 1-5

1) Drop the compsUse the mood board to focus conversation to gauge the clients preferences Agile: days 1-5

2) Go only half-way Agile: days 6-9Do a partial design mockup instead of a full design mockup

2) Go only half-wayGet feedback on specific aspects and make changes Agile: days 6-9

3) Give it your allOnce youve received sufficient feedback and are going in right direction, then go all the way and finish the design.Agile: days 10-13

4) Done!Agile: day 14

Meanwhile, back at the waterfall ranchDesigners are doing thisWaterfall: day 14Clients are doing this

OutcomesControlled iterationClient input and collaborationSatisfaction on both sides

Recap of stepsDrop the compsSet the mood, create a conversation

Go only half-wayGet feedback and buy-in to move forward

Give it your all when you know everything is right

You decide which fits best for your project Waterfall? Or Agile?