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Download Toshiba EasyGuard in acTion: saTElliTE Pro u200 Toshiba ... ... Toshiba EasyGuard in acTion Toshiba

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  • Toshiba EasyGuard in acTion

    Toshiba EasyGuard in acTion: saTElliTE Pro u200 a fully scalablE corPoraTE PlaTform offErinG suPErior sEcuriTy and rEliabiliTy. Toshiba EasyGuard comprises a set of features that help mobile business users address their needs for enhanced data security, advanced system protection and easy connectivity. read on to learn more about the satellite Pro u200 and the benefits of its Toshiba EasyGuard features.

    Toshiba EasyGuard chEcklisT: whaT’s insidE ThE saTElliTE Pro u200?

    sEcurE Features that deliver enhanced system and data security

    Execute Disable Bit (XD-Bit) Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Antivirus Software Fingerprint Reader Fingerprint Reader/Single Sign-On Device Lock Password Utilities

    ProTEcT & fix Protective design features and diagnostic utilities for maximum uptime

    Toshiba RAID Spill-resistant Keyboard Shock Protection Design HDD Protection Toshiba Anti-theft Protection Timer Data Backup Easy Fix Components Durable Design PC Diagnostics Kensington Lock

    connEcT Features and software utility that ensure easy and reliable wired and wireless connectivity

    Toshiba ConfigFree™ Toshiba Summit Diversity Antenna Wireless LAN Switch

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  • Toshiba EasyGuard in action:Satellite Pro U200

    Toshiba EasyGuard: sEcuriTy in acTion The Secure element of Toshiba EasyGuard delivers enhanced system and data security in a variety of ways, providing protection of confidential data, protection against malicious attacks such as worms/viruses and state-of-the-art security methods to prevent unauthenticated access to the system or data.

    oThEr sEcuriTy fEaTurEs Execute Disable Bit (XD-Bit) - Industry-standard way to prevent

    buffer overflow virus attacks

    Trusted Platform Module (TPM) - Industry-standard hardware /

    software security solution that protects sensitive data, using encryption

    and digital signatures to ensure content integrity and privacy.

    Antivirus Software - Symantec’s Norton Internal Security™ 2005 provides up-to-date protection against viruses, hackers and privacy


    Device Lock - Software utility that allows flexible locking of specific

    devices in order to prevent unauthorised access to computer or

    copying of confidential files

    Password Utilities - Toshiba software utilities allow system

    administrators and users to set up boot and HDD access passwords

    whaT is ThE finGErPrinT rEadEr? The Fingerprint Reader enables users to take advantage of state-of-the-art biometrics security methods. The unique fingerprint of the reader is registered with the system and provides a template for system access or denial. ThE finGErPrinT rEadEr in acTion

    OmniPass software makes it easy to implement biometrics security Encrypt files using fingerprint authentication for secure access Easy login is supported with a single swipe of the finger on the sensor

    whaT is finGErPrinT sinGlE siGn-on? With the swipe of a finger, users can take advantage of single-touch fingerprint password authentication for all system passwords, including BIOS, system and Microsoft® Windows passwords. This convenient feature is recommended for use in secure office environments. finGErPrinT sinGlE siGn-on in acTion • Quick and easy authentication with a single-swipe of the finger • Use biometrics for secure, single sign-on • No longer necessary to remember multiple passwords

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  • Toshiba EasyGuard in action:Satellite Pro U200

    Toshiba EasyGuard: ProTEcTion in acTion The Protect & Fix element of Toshiba EasyGuard incorporates protective design and anti-theft features as well as diagnostic utilities. Reliable mobile computing, reduced maintenance time and costs, greater data protection, reduced theft potential and minimised downtime are among the many benefits of the Protect & Fix features.

    oThEr ProTEcT & fix fEaTurEs

    Spill-resistant Keyboard - Prevents system damage caused by

    accidental spills onto the keyboard

    Shock Protection Design - Specially designed shock absorption that

    reduces the risk of damage in case of accidental shock, vibration or fall

    HDD Protection - Features shock absorber material around the HDD

    and a unique 3-axis motion monitoring system that is capable of

    detecting free fall in all directions

    Data Backup - Store your backup copies on an external hard disk

    drive, CD, DVD or other media

    Easy Fix Components - Easy-to-access components for reduced

    maintenance costs and minimised system downtime

    Durable Design - Robust system design for improved product quality,

    reliability and durability

    PC Diagnostics - Toshiba software for one-touch system support and

    services to save maintenance costs and minimise system downtime

    Kensington Lock - Industry-standard external locking device

    whaT is hard-disk drivE (hdd) ProTEcTion? Shock absorption is combined with Toshiba’s own 3-axis motion monitoring to reduce the risk of HDD damage and data loss in the event of a fall, shock or vibration. 3-axis monitoring means that if a fall is detected, the HDD head is unloaded to decrease the possibility of physical damage to the HDD. hdd ProTEcTion in acTion • Choose the HDD protection settings best suited to environmental conditions

    Shock protection material cradles the HDD – it’s like having airbags in one’s car • Decrease the risk of data loss or HDD damage whaT is shock ProTEcTion dEsiGn? Shock Protection Design provides enhanced system component protection against damage in the event of a fall, collision or drop of the notebook. Special shock absorption materials, advanced rubber padding and corner bumpers protect the system components. shock ProTEcTion dEsiGn in acTion

    Extra protection for the LCD with rubber tabs Enhanced data protection with rubber tabs for the HDD Better system protection with rubber padding for the inverter

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  • Toshiba EasyGuard in action:Satellite Pro U200

    Toshiba EasyGuard: connEcTiviTy in acTion The Connect element of Toshiba EasyGuard includes hardware and software features that are designed to ensure easy wired and wireless connectivity. Software diagnostics, productivity tools and innovative wireless technologies enable intuitive, seamless connectivity. Benefits for IT support staff include fewer support calls and simplified problem diagnosis. End users enjoy greater mobile productivity.

    oThEr connEcTiviTy fEaTurEs

    Toshiba Summit - Toshiba software for net meeting productivity and

    easy wireless file sharing

    Wireless LAN Switch - Sliding switch for easy and secure activation /

    deactivitation of integrated Wireless LAN or Bluetooth® modules

    whaT is confiGfrEE™? Toshiba ConfigFree™ software provides hassle-free, location-based connectivity for wired and wireless networks (802.11 a/b/g networks, Bluetooth® and WAN devices), making mobility easier and more productive. With ConfigFree™, users can quickly and easily set up a network connection, troubleshoot any connectivity problems they might encounter and capture a complete set of location settings for easy, one-button future use. confiGfrEE™ in acTion

    Quickly identify and connect to nearby active Wi-Fi™ access points and Bluetooth® devices

    Capture and store location-based connectivity profiles for seamless mobile working Resolve connectivity problems quickly using Connectivity Doctor

    whaT is ThE divErsiTy anTEnna? Two Wi-Fi™ antennae and one Bluetooth® antenna are incorporated into the top lid of the LCD display in order to optimise wireless signal strength. “Diversity Antenna” means that the Wi-Fi antenna receiving the strongest signal will be used for wireless networking connectivity. ThE divErsiTy anTEnna in acTion

    Get more reliable, stable wireless connectivity Enable the optimal network connection Connect quickly and easily

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  • ©2005. Toshiba Europe GmbH. While Toshiba has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications, configurations, prices, system/component/options availability are all subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date product information about your computer, or to stay current with the various computer software or hardware options, visit Toshiba’s Web site at Toshiba EasyGuard in action: Satellite Pro U200

    sEcurE finGErPrinT rEadEr offers state-of-the-art biometrics security.

    finGErPrinT sinGlE siGn-on provides authentication for all system passwords with a single-swipe of the finger.

    ProTEcT & fix hdd ProTEcTion monitors and reduces risk of potential disk damage from fall, shock or vibration. shock ProTEcTion dEsiGn offers enhanced system component protection against shock or vibration.

    connEcT confiGfrEE™ for easy wireless and wired network connectivity. divErsiTy anTEnna delivers optimal wireless connectivity with three antennae in the notebook lid.

    Toshiba EasyGuard in acTion: saTElliTE Pro u200 Putting it all together: now we look at how these key Toshiba EasyGuard features work together to ensure a ca


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