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  1. 1. T O R R I D T R O P I C S S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 What inspired trend best suits a season based wholly on travel and leisure? Designers and artists alike gave an enthusiastic nod to the hot and humid tropics using bold blooms and leafy, botanical prints on both ready-to-wear and accessories. Resort looks on the spring/summer 2016 runway introduced vibrant doses of color while remembering to give customers a tempting tease of island ambiance.
  2. 2. The Torrid Tropics spring/summer 2016 collection takes inspiration from the culture and scenery of the Caribbean with tropical bursts of summer. Exotic rainforest vegetation and jungle foliage are emphasized with saturated accents against crisp, neutralized backgrounds for a luminous finish. Influenced by the spring/summer 2016 collections of Anna Sui, Ellie Saab, Osklen, and Ese Azenabor. Artists alike, including Emma Doyen and Eugene Seguy reinterpret this seasonal trend to dramatic limits with intensely colored updates. Mass-market brands Anthropologie and Puma modernize the tropical leaf print and define it in footwear. Tropical prints take on patterning and clashing colors to resemble the dense jungle landscape. Palm fronds are renewed while banana-leaf prints with layers of foliage are featured in unexpected color combinations. Patterns archaic of the hot and humid landscape are introduced with details attributing to illustrative leaves and exotic fruits for conversational repeats. The overall high-summer look is styled with lush, brilliantly colored prints to mirror the intensity of the bewildering habitat. !""!#$% '(&'#$!!)#'**!#+,-'"#
  3. 3. Street stylers and trendsetters are setting the competitive bar high by mixing bold and daring tropical prints with other clashing prints. Vegetation, flora and fauna, and botanical prints implode an explosion of all your senses while throwing your sight into an illusionary ride. The leisure of it all oozes sophistication and a bit of a festive vibe that is essentially appropriate for streetwear. Bloggers including Aimee Song and Irene Kim have taken this tropical print trend and made it entirely their own by accessorizing with pieces that intrigue and that essentially complement their unique styles. But whether a blogger or an aspiring trendsetter, this island inspired print is both functional and easy to wear. Imprinted on shoes, skirts, bombers, and dresses, this exotic pattern is sure to make heads turn while adding some spontaneous fun. And to think, avid lovers of the much-loved floral trend, the tropical print trend falls in a similar category but with an exotic edge. So, whats your take on this hot trend? This blog article was brought to you by Carolyn CJ Johnson. Born and bred in Southern California, she currently resides in New York City. CJ is a Fabric Styling student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. For more information, she can reached at For more artistic inquiries check out //


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