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    These pupils were further classified according to thfi tenteachers who taught them mathematics. The following tableindicates the result of this classification:

    Teacher Total First Choice Second Third Fourth Fifth LastA 24 8 961 2B 21 6 12 3 2C 20 5 66215D 33 12 14 5 2 5E 50 10 20 15 5 9F 43 15 15 11 3 10G 45 21 10 10 4 5H 20 11 531 3I 19 4 48216J 10 4 24. t

    The scores of the teachers on the preceding basis follow:A 2.000 D 2.212 G 1.933B 1.857 E 2.300 H 2.200C 2.400 F 2.093 I 2.570

    J 2.000The pupils were further asked to tell why they liked best the

    subject placed first. The answers to this question were notespecially illuminating. Of the one hundred and one who pre-ferred mathematics, twenty indicated that it was because theyhad good teachers. Some said it was because the subject wasso definite, and some because it was like a puzzle, and in somecases these two answers came from the same class. Some saidit was hard but they could master it and some thought it easy.These answers were of interest to the teachers in charge andin some cases were of profit to them. They would not, however,be of much general interest.The conclusion seems to be, without question, that mathe-

    matics is neither more nor less disliked than other requiredsubjects of the first year high school course.

    TOPOGRAPHIC AND SUPERPOWER SURVEYS.A program for completing the topographic map of the United States

    for.-.the use of this generation was outlined in last years report of theDirector of the United States Geological Survey, but Congress hasnot yet approved that plan, though it promises to get results most ex-peditiously and economically. The power program, also presented, inthe report for last year, has found more encouraging support) as thesuperpower survey of the eastern industrial zone has been authorizedby Congress and is now under way. It is hoped that the engineeringreport on this survey will commend itself so highly to Congress thatsimilar investigatiops of other parts of the United States may be author-ized before the demand for unified electrification becomes so urgent asit has already become along the North American seaboard.Forty-first Annual Report, Director United States Geological Survey.


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