Topical Exposition ~ Alcohol ~ Sunday, July 27 th, 2014

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<ul><li><p>Topical Exposition ~ Alcohol ~Sunday, July 27th, 2014</p></li><li><p>Nature of AlcoholWhat makes a beverage alcoholic?A drink that contains 3% - 40% alcohol (ethanol)</p><p>3 ClassesBeers: fermented from grain mash341 ml (12 oz.) = 5% alcohol contentWines: fermented from grapes142 ml (5 oz.) = 12% alcohol contentSpirits: produced by distilling ethanol43 ml (1.5 oz.) = 40% alcohol content</p></li><li><p>Effects of AlcoholPsychoactive DrugChemical substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it affects brain function, resulting in alterations in;</p><p>PerceptionMoodConsciousnessCognitionBehaviour</p></li><li><p>Blood Alcohol ConcentrationThe amount of alcohol in a persons body, measured by the amount of alcohol in blood0.05 BAC 50 milligrams of alcohol in every 100 ml of blood 0.1% can cause intoxication0.3% 0.4% unconsciousness often occurs 0.5% is commonly fatal</p></li><li><p>WarningsProverbs 20:1Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.</p><p>Isaiah 5:11-12 &amp; 22Woe to those who rise early in the morning that they may run after strong drink, who tarry late into the evening as wine inflames them!Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, and valiant men in mixing strong drink</p></li><li><p>CommandEphesians 5:18and do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit</p><p>1 Peter 4:3-4for the time that is past suffices for doing what the Gentiles want to do, living in sensuality, passions, drunkenness, orgies, drinking parties, and lawless idolatry. With respect to this they are surprised when you do not join them in the same flood of debauchery, and they malign you;</p></li></ul>