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<ol><li> 1. Top 3 UI Web Design Trends for 2014 By enCloud </li><li> 2. Overview Web traffic from traditional desktop computers are down and mobile traffic is on the rise. Tablets are replacing the desktop as the primary computing device. In fact, the number of desktop web site visits declined 12.5% between Q1 2012 and Q1 2013, according to Ecommerce Quarterly. </li><li> 3. Infinite Scrolling Infinite scroll replaces The disadvantage is that the user gets tired of scrolling the need for the user to and doesnt see all of the click for the next page. content. The visitor simply scrolls It is best suited for smaller down the web page to websites or micro sites. continue reading the Facebook timeline is a good content. example of this technique. </li><li> 4. Flat Design The flat design concept was reintroduced by Apple as reported in our feature post; Apple Ups the Ante with iOS7. Many websites are now following their lead and replacing their glossy buttons with more compact flat style buttons. Web designers are using a combination of size, colour and text to create a visual impact. Our website, is a good example of this type of UI design. </li><li> 5. Responsive Design Responsive design was introduced into HTML5 with mobile in mind. Enables website developers to build websites that are both desktop and mobile friendly. When a user visits a web site that uses responsive design, the browser will automatically shrink the content to fit inside the screen. However, mobile devices with screens smaller than five inches may have trouble reading certain text and images due to their much smaller size. Depending on the layout of a website, it may be more beneficial to create a separate mobile site for devices with small credit: reticulating via photopin cc </li><li> 6. Thank You</li></ol>