Top Trends & Highlights of the Litmus Email Design Conference

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We just attended the Litmus email conference, and HighRoad U is bringing back all the top trends and examples presented. Join our webinar to learn must-know best practices in email graphic design, campaign idea development, and call-to-action strategies. Watch this entire webinar and others by Highroad U on our YouTube channel:


  • 1.Top Trends & Highlights Litmus Email Design Conference: TEDC13

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Email Design Conference 3 city tour: San Fran, London, Boston* Conference Website #tedc13 Seen event overview Conferize view HighRoad summary Litmus Community (subscribers only) 8. Top Themes in TEDC13 Again. Again. Again. Again. And 9. Top Trends: Email Design Email Design needs to be seen/accepted as its own industry & profession Very few email designers truly Underappreciated & misunderstood Usually only one on staff & isolated, but now theres a 10. Top Trends: Not Set Up for Success Combo: graphics, coding, mobile, testing, curious about people, problem solver, humor Untapped resource Underutilized resource---people spend too much time pushing, not enough time thinking strategically about the 11. Top Trends: Set Up for 12. Top Trends: Mobile Be in the mobile world 138% increase in opens on mobile in 2013 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are email 13. Top Trends: Mobile People view email 14. Top Trends: Be Responsive Responsive design or bust Simple is better Embrace the scroll Big buttons. More whitespace. Responsive Resources: Mobile Email 101 from ASAE EBS Webinar Responsive Design & Lab (Afternoon session, start at minute 53) 15. Top Trends: Understand Lifecycle -Use journey maps -Segmentation -Study!!! Resources: -Multi-touchpoint Messaging Webinar -Evaluating Your Digital Influence from ASAE Tech 2013Wed 16. Top Trends: Email is the New 17. Top Trends: Few Get It No Secret Sauce: try, test, fix, try, test, fix Understand the Ingredients: DYK? Web font support is tied to email client rather than ESP. More info Its all about the message. Great tool but boring? Yeah, your email 18. Top Trends: Its 19. Top Trends: Get Over YourselfCreate a culture where its okay to test & fail..said by Gary Shapiro, CEA at ASAE Tech 20. Top Trends: Be Real or Fail. @brendan Brendan Schwartz, CTO, 21. Top Trends: Building Trust Short, concise content Reliable Get a life No cover-ups Video Measure for 22. Top Trends: Have a Personality Dont use stock photos Be funny e.g. image alt 23. Top Trends: Content 24. Top Trends: Stop Dumbing it Down -Newsweek in print -Longer formats for 25. Top Trends: Use Video for Value Use video to help with boring tasks like taking surveys. See Wistias video Everyone has 1-2 minutes for something valuable. Use video & keep it short Get loose! Video how-to 26. Top Tips--#emailtips 1 Big Image 1 Big Call to Action (CTA) If using video, use an engaging thumbnail pic & set the video link code to autoplay In a 2-column email, the left side is the strong side Design for 640 px because it scales down to 50% on iPhones 27. Great List of Tools Compiled by Litmus Brian Graves: List of Tools to Use Litmus list of Responsive Resources: Understand 28. Who to Start Following @cstudabaker Exact Target @brendan--- Wistia (video) @litmusappLitmus @campaignmonitor- Campaign Monitor @bluehornet Blue Hornet @highroadsol curated for not-for-profits @highroadjenny deliverability 29. Great New Resource! Modern Messaging: Automation Integration Marketing Mindset Multi-Channel Message Design ASAE Case