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Top Tips for Writing Marketing Content for the WebWe always talk about SEO in terms of conversions and traffic numbers. The fact of the matter is there is so much more to it than this. SEO is powered by words. It is powered by content that is written specifically for the web. If you do not know how to write for the web, it doesnt matter how professional your SEO consultant is. You are hamstringing your efforts from the beginning.

With the help of, we have come up with a number of tips for writing content for the web.

Print is Different

Never make the mistake of copying print content to your website. Print content is written for the person on the go who may be reading a pamphlet. Writing for the web does not have the constraints of space or trying to distract someone from their daily routine. These two differences are crucial. To see how different they are, look at a leaflet and look at a website. It is clear where the similarities end.Write for the Lowest Common Denominator

It may sound like you are being told to write as if your readers are stupid. This is the right way to go about it, though. You do not want to alienate the less intellectual parts of your audience by writing for the most intelligent. Keep the language simple and write in a way that anyone can understand. It is about broadening your potential readership.

Pyramid Style Writing

Treat your website like a book. Start by assuming your readers know nothing about the subject. Begin with the broadest and most general content. This is the pyramid system. You start at the bottom with generalised content. As you delve deeper into the website, you begin to ascend the pyramid and the information becomes ever more specific.

By doing this, you will improve the user experience and ensure that your readers will leave your site feeling like they learned something.

Write for Content Not Fluff

Do not write as if you are a second-hand car salesperson. Stay away from the fluff associated with marketing speak. Keep all your writing condensed and simple. The last thing you want is to have pages and pages of marketing spiel. Most people naturally associate this style of writing with spam-filled websites.Short Pages Work Best

Studies have shown that shorter pages are far more effective at getting your message across. The web is not a place to write your novel. It is a place where things move quickly and people switch between pages all the time. Try to make sure each page is no longer than 1,000 words. Sales pages should be shorter at about 500 words.

Focus on Humans Not Search Engines

Hire a digital marketing agency in Glasgow and they will tell you it was once common practice to write for the search engines. This is no longer the case. Google have changed the playing field. Write for humans instead. By all means, include keywords, but never make it your priority. The end user should be the person you concentrate your attention on.