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  1. 1. Top Five Interior Design Trends A house is a depiction of the people that live in it. It has a dual connection with the occupants. On one hand, it represents them as people and helps us in understanding that they really are, while on the other the people who occupy the house make it home. Through interior designing in Delhi, you can define the place and reinvent it altogether. So much so that you will be more than surprised with the difference that it is going to make to your place of dwelling. The concept of design changes with time and what was in yesterday may not be in today but what is in today has been given below in crisp and effective way for you to take note of: Make your own blend Instead of going with a boring and monotonous style, go for a concoction of designs, styles and materials. Make it comfortable and arrestingly appealing to the eye. Mix and match the traditional and modern outlook to give your place a refreshing look. Use different materials and styles to create a look that is original and defines who you are. Materials You will find a huge variety of these but the ones that are most preferred are mixed metals, smoky glasses, graphic tiles and materials that add some texture and life to the surroundings. You can also go for different kinds of wood ranging from fabric wood, light wood to all kinds of exotic wood. On the contrary, you can also go for the majestic marble and elegant granite. Various natural materials such as stones, metals, etc. may be used to enhance the look.
  2. 2. Exploring with the themes You can also choose a color and make it a highlight. Even more recently, the trend of painting one of the walls in the room in a color different than the rest is on swing. This not only looks elegant but also is an inspiredtrend this year. The 3 Rs The three Rs include reduce, reuse and recycle. There are a lot of materials that you can use to add individuality to the interiors. Various waste materials can be used to add some style to the place. The use of some contemporary style furniture will only make the room classier. This is a unique way through which you can give back to the nature and yet have your style in place to get the eye balls rolling. Experiment You can go retro with your interiors and you can go classic. Apart from these, modern, contemporary and traditional design ideas will only add to the charm of the place. Rather than the daily and usual, interior designers in Delhi suggest going for exotic and ethnic decorative patterns, insignias and paintings. Be bold and go all the way possible to furnish the entire habitation. Build a house that you want to come back to after a long and tiring day at work. Build it with creativity and innovation. Most of all, concentrate on just making it look stylish and original. Let it define who you are. Summary: Interior designing can change the entire aspect of a place. Discover 5 such latest and in-trend interior designer ideas that will surely add value to your place. SOURCE: Contact Us: Shruti Sodhi Interiors Aravali, Alakhnanda New Delhi 110019, India. Ph: +91 9958463767 , 9810453528 Website :