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  • 1.TOP DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELF) BRIDAL MAKE UP IDEASProfessional Hair and Makeup Artist

2. There are different styles of makeup that you can choose for such event, but since you are the bride be sure to have to be at your best on this day. So how do you think brides prepare before their wedding day? Well its by rest and makeup! Yes a bride needs her beauty rest before the day. There no better thing to do than to rest and let your muscle be at its best before the day comes. But dont forget the makeup and the other accessories that the bride might need. Well, do you know the importance of bridal makeup can be for this day? Lets put it this way. Have ever seen a bride that goes to her wedding day without a makeup? I doubt you did.2 3. Almost all brides dreamt of being married with her partner for life and the tendency is that they prepare for the day they will be married. Makeup is just another tool that most people use to improve their self together with their confidence. Yes! It can make a person increase her confidence. Anyway, in order for bride to be at their best they depend on the makeup they will wear. Basically makeup can totally make a persons face to be to its prettiest, which is why most people wear it in different events that they attend.3 4. Here are the Top DIY bridal makeups that you can use for such event:4 5. SMOKEY EYES So what is a smokey eye? This does not refer to the eyes having a smoke. You got it totally literal. Kidding aside, this is a style of makeup that gives the eye a dark, smokey appearance. This is one of the most popular makeup styles that are used around the world, but basically this is not a makeup style that should be worn every day. This style is used for several events and usually the fancy ones.5 6. So how do you do smokey eyes? Pick the best color you want for your dark smokey appearance. First would be the eye shadow. Use the color of makeup you want over the eye lid and use a flat brush from the lash line up to the crease. Second is the eye definition. Sweep a black eye shadow in a C shape from the outer corner of the eye across the crease. Next, the liner and lashes. Use a mascara to make your eyes look pop.Lastly, dont forget your lips. A nude lip will do but if it looks boring for you, you can always add a dark blackcurrant stain.6 7. SCARLET LIPS This is a style for lipstick that fits perfectly for a fall or winter wedding, especially when paired with warm earthy shades of eye shadow and blush. This can be paired by earthtoned eyes, terracotta cheeks and of course the red lips. To add definition to your face you can also add or select a brush that has one or two shades darker than your skin tone. If you want to make the color last longer, you can use a lip balm before applying the red lipstick.7 8. Wedding Makeup, Hair and Bridal Beauty This is also one of the most important parts of a wedding that you need to do; this is usually done the day of the wedding. Why do you think it is important? We know that this is an important event and there are a lot of witnesses including our creator, it is necessary to be at our best for this day because this is an event that you will do once in a lifetime. What if you dont know how to make up? Oh! That would be a great problem. But there are people who are used to doing such thing which are usually called Makeup Artist, there are also people who do this alone and can do it once you call them, they are called freelance makeup artist. Meaning they dont work for anybody, they work for themselves. You can find one of them and can hire them for their service. Basically they are the professional ones for doing such job and they are more likely to make the best out of you.8 9. That are just few of the makeup style that you can use as a bride.9 10. Here are other tips on how you can do makeup much easier and neater:10 11. Tips #1: Eyebrows Most women are plucking their eyebrows for the purpose of beauty and makeup. But sometimes this is a little harder and painful that you thought. Just take a shower before you pluck your eyebrows. Why? Your pores are wide open right after you shower and plucking your eyebrow will be way less painful.Tip#2: Lip Balm Lip balm can be very useful after or before using lipstick. But if you want to create a illusion of a bigger lips, apply colorless lip balm with shimmer on the top of your lips.11 12. Tip#3: Eyelash Have you ever used eyelash curler? It usually takes some time before it actually curls your eyelash. You can use your hairdryer to heat the eyelash curler just a little bit because it can hold the curl better. But be sure to make it too hot. Tip#4: Mascara want Most women usually experience getting their mascara dried out even if it is still in the holder. The reason behind this is that they usually pump their mascara want putting the air into the tube and the stuff inside it will dry. 13. Tip#5: Moisturizer and Concealer Most people are having trouble getting their skin moisturizes and the same time they want to hide some imperfection in their skin too. You can mix moisturizer and concealer to attain that goal. This is perfect for people who have dry skin and want some coverage. Tip#6: Eyeliner There are lots of women who are having trouble doing their own eye lining makeup. Well that is only natural, but if you want to have a perfect eye lining then you can use a tape to guide your eyeliner. Tip#7: Foundation If you are not sure about the color that you will be going to use for foundation, then you can always match your foundation to the inside of your wrist. Just put some foundation and rub it your wrist so that you can compare the color, if it does blend well then you can use it to your face.